The fashion and lifestyle markets are consistently affected by rapidly-changing consumer taste. We now have a new generation of consumers who are pushing retailers to the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and who are shifting their spending towards lifestyle goods and experiences over things.

Monochrome Magazine presents the “Monochrome Industry Fashion Awards” (MIFAs) 2019.

At Monochrome, we recognise the challenges fashion and lifestyle businesses face and want to celebrate the accomplishments made by the most talented, innovative, and dedicated individuals in the industry. This is why we have developed our first ever Fashion & Lifestyle Awards, which provides our readers with the chance to see the leading lights of this innovative and dynamic market.

The Monochrome Industry Fashion Awards (MIFAs) will be a platform that recognises and applauds contributors of the Namibian Fashion Industry. The first 6 months will be used to scout for every talent Namibia has to offer. Towards the end of the year, after we have all worked our butts off, a panel will nominate a number of industry players who will be up for voting. Members of the public will be able to vote for 2 months prior to the award ceremony. The ceremony is scheduled to take place towards the end of the year (December) 2019. So, the game actually begins now.

Here are the categories:

• Fashion Designer of the year
• Photographer of the year
• Stylist of the year
• Make-up artist/Beauty brand of the year
• Fashion brand of the year
• Most stylish female personality
• Most stylish male personality
• Blogger of the year
• Fashion influencer of the year
• Fashionista of the year
• Male Model of the year
• Female Model of the year
•Fashion Event of the year

•Honorary Award: Favourite Hangout Spot

As a unique form of self-expression, the fashion and lifestyle space has become a pillar of the industry. Creators are always seeking new ways to show their talents and individuality, whether it be through their clothes, spots they hangout or the experiences they share with others. As such, it is with immeasurable pleasure that we finally get to celebrate these individuals.

We will be watching you!

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