That’s BS: How to be an Instagram Boyfriend

I like to say I have trained the people in my life on how I want my pictures taken. I do the same with whoever my boyfriend is at the time. Imagine spending 80% of your time with someone who doesn’t know how to take pictures of you – could never be me.

If you didn’t know, my Instagram feed is very important to me. Lol. It’s my life as a mood board. So if your girlfriend/partner feels the same way about theirs, you need to get your Instagram and picture taking skills up! Pronto!!!

VARSITY 101: Getting through registration

My first year at varsity was the worst! I didn’t attend Orientation week so I didn’t know what getting into university meant. I basically winged my first year. I didn’t know how important tests were or how I had to attend 80% of my classes! I didn’t know what ODS (Office of the Dean of Students) was. It was hard but nonetheless I managed to push through. My main point is, if I could turn back time, I would have prevented a lot of things from happening.


In this edition we speak fashion, fashion and more fashion. We explore the difference between style and fashion, the body standards in fashion and we catch up with a few industry players.

Gracing our cover this month is the talented fashion designer who has showcased internationally, representing our culture in his execution. Deon  Mathias aka Deon Angelo is shot by Tuva Wolf Studios for our June cover.

Celebrating the Women in our Village on Mother’s Day

Being a mother is considered one of the most rewarding full-time jobs one can ever “sign up” for.  For others, it happens completely planned and anticipated, for others it happens unexpectedly and for others, life hands them the job. Regardless of how you come to experience it, one thing for sure is that it’s a blessing to be part of the journey of raising and shaping another person’s life. But make no mistake; it is also one of the most taxing jobs. Every woman is genetically designed to conceive and give birth but not every woman can be a mother. So one must never underestimate the sacrifice anyone makes when they embark on this journey.