That’s BS: 3 Reasons why I don’t wear colour

Once upon a time (last year), I was having a conversation about my wardrobe’s colour palette with Sekai from The Red Shelf.

Why do I only wear blacks and greys, do I own any coloured clothing? Would I consider wearing colour? And and and…

She in the end challenged me to wear colour, at least for one week. I thought about doing it but couldn’t bring myself to it.

We met again this year and she said it again. This time I took up the challenge and decided on when I’d do it.

Varsity Dating 101

Dating in varsity can be quite confusing. Some people say this is where you meet the love of your life, while others say this is the time you explore and unleash your inner hoe. Both of these things could be true, after all, people are different and experience different things at different stages, not so?