Why a good corporate identity pack is a good starting point for your business.

Starting a business can be a tricky affair. You may have a good idea, but may not be quite sure on how to express that idea in the different ways required for a modern business, i.e. through a logo or slogan.

That’s why corporate identity kits are hella important when starting a business. They help you keep your businesses identity in check and make sure that your brand is well represented wherever it may find itself.

A good corporate identity kit not only does this, but also makes your brand memorable as well and helps it stand out as a quality and trustworthy affair that knows it’s stuff.

So where do you get started when getting your corporate identity?

We suggest you start with coming up with a brand message and then looking up examples of what sort of logos and colours you think would represent your brand message best.

Checking Google and Pinterest for brands you like is a good place to start and it’s totally chill – you’re not stealing, you’re looking for inspiration to communicate what you want your brand to look and feel like to your graphic designer who will be designing your corporate identity kit.

Once you’ve thought of a good brand message and have an idea of what sort of logo and brand look you want, now is a good time to get hold of a good graphic designer.

What makes a good graphic designer?

That depends on many things, but what you’re looking out for is someone who can show you some of the previous work that they’ve done and that is on your level in terms of vibes. You can sense this through your conversation with them.

A good place to start is with Namibian marketing firm flick. Co-founded by Michelle Shipatuleni and Malulu Angula, this young marketing company is great at bringing buzz to businesses with their unique tongue in cheek style. They also have an amazing ‘i have an idea’ kit on offer which includes all the goodies a good corporate identity kit should include.

Send them a WhatsApp on +264 81 220 5383 today and talk to them about getting started on your corporate identity.

What do you do once you have a good corporate identity? Well you and your business fly. Put your best foot forward by presenting your customers with well-dressed products and services!

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If you would like more information on this topic, please call or email Malulu at 081 730 8259 or helloflick.marketing@gmail.com


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