On Sunday 09 May 2021, we celebrated Mother’s Day. I am not very keen on celebrating it, for the mere fact that my mother no longer dwells on this earth.

If you are still fortunate to have a mother, appreciate her, celebrate her every day of your life. It is just horrendous, when she is no more, trust me. You will be crying rivers and rivers and life would just be one long monotonous song.

Personally I feel that Mother’s Day, however, is also being over commercialized nowadays. All of a sudden everyone is selling hampers, love boxes, gifts, food hampers, cakes, cupcakes etc. It is all about securing the bag. But at the end of the day, you go get yours! One thing about young business owners nowadays is that they chase their dreams and that makes me proud.

I took to the shops over the past weekend and I saw Fathers with their children trying to purchase a proper gift for Mummy. That brings up the question, whose responsibility is it to spoil Mummy on Mother’s Day? Should she even be spoiled? What makes this one day out of the rest of the year so special? Should she not be celebrated daily? Is it Daddy that should do all the spoiling? Or Daddy and the kids? Or the kids alone?

Should Daddy not be celebrating his mother? I know a few men will agree with this, they spoil their Mothers as their wives are not their mothers. Yet their wives are the people who brought their children into this world? Yeah, semantics.

Let me not play devil’s advocate.

As a single parent with no mother around, I am dependent on another kind of mother, my Nanny. And I know, the nanny troubles out there are crazy, in the past I had my fair share. However, I believe my stroke of bad luck with nannies are of the past now. I manifest that into the universe!

I was fortunate enough to find a good nanny via a nanny agency last year and I took her into my household as I was about to have my second child, I realized I needed help with a toddler and a baby on the way. The transition into our household was smooth although my son took a few chances here and there. Boys, will be boys I guess.

I love my own space, and contrary to belief, I regard myself as a very private person. So my household is my sanctuary and to share that with someone else was a bit of a challenge, but nothing I could not learn to live with. I mean, the world is practically changing daily, so who am I to be stuck in my ways. Today, I want us to acknowledge our Nannies, the secondary mothers of our households. Without them, we would not be on time for work, appointments, and we would not be able to rest. We would just not be able to operate at the speed that we are currently. My nanny is straight out of heaven and does so much and more for our household and thus I want to celebrate her and every other caregiver today.

But most importantly, let us celebrate our Mothers and our Secondary Mother’s whomever that might
be every day.

‘’Curvy Scorpio’’

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