Surviving the End-of-Year function season graciously

End-of Year function season is upon us! A season almost as popular as the “Wambo wedding season” where you constantly find yourself as someone’s plus one every Friday. The only difference is that you may get to see a concentration of corporate executives you read about in the press showcase some moves on the dance floor. Let’s admit it, Office parties can be a potential minefield. You don’t know whether you can be your usual “Monaco slay queen” or you have to continue being the “Miss Professional” you portray Monday to Friday. Even worse, the company specifically states on the invitation that it’s time to “let your hair down”. You get there and all the signs of a lit party are present; everyone dressed up, open bar, hired DJ playing all the hit songs of the season, catered food with waiters and all. How can one not take up the offer by the company to “let lose”? It’s potentially insubordination if you don’t, right?


Dressing for Success: How your appearance can increase your chances of closing the deal or getting that job

Ever wondered whether the way you dress holds you back from success? Whether it’s a job interview or a business meeting, first impressions are very important. It takes about 3 – 30 seconds to form an impression of another person (psychologists and sociologist can’t seem to agree on the exact time, with some even extending it to 90 seconds). Everything we do after those 30 seconds either confirms the impression or changes it; but naturally, as human beings, we hate to be wrong so we tend to look out for clues that confirm our first impression. As the saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression” so it’s very important that we create the right first impression.