It’s that time again. The perfect time to start thinking about your autumn/winter drip. Especially because, it appears winter is coming a little faster and stronger this year. Since we are crushing on them and  rocking them this Autumn/Winter, it is only right that we plug you too.


The puffer jacket or down jacket is a quilted coat insulted with duck or goose feather. Created by Eddie Bauer in 1936 as an outdoor adventure item, it has soon made its mark in the fashion world. Styled distinctively, it is currently one of the most worn items at the moment, hence why we will be rocking this piece.


When discussing the puffer jacket the combination of warmth and stylish comes in to play. A must have winter accessory that allows you to feel confident, assured and upbeat. Not only that, but its ability to come in different shapes and sizes allows you to have a much advantage when purchasing and styling.

I  have rounded up a list of stores, prices and styles of puffers you can shop this season. Ready?


If you are talking about #Drip and being up to date with the latest trends, trust The Fix to have you covered. The Fix has every look for you. From your Netflix and Chill dates to your campus looks, at an affordable price that will not kill your bank. We are currently also loving their jackets, so for that, our first purchase is right here.

Coming in with Multicolor Ombre Metallic Puffer Jackets, Cropped Puffer jackets, Multicolor Graffiti Puffer Jacket, Checked Puffers, Quilted Sleeves Puffer, Bandana Print, Long Puffer Jackets The Fix has it all.  Go check them out.

Prices range from N$ 319 and above.

Store Locations in Windhoek include:

  • The Fix – Wernhil Mall


2. MRP

Coming in hot is our all-time favorite MRP. The hottest affordable fashion in the game, this store never misses. Their puffers at the moment come in two shades, black and off-white with a hood. Warm and thick enough.

Store Locations in Windhoek include:

  • MRP Wernhil Mall
  • MRP Maerua Mall
  • MRP The Grove Mall of Namibia


Cotton On has a wide range of styles to choose from; sleeveless, cropped, midi length you name it. They also have a great colour palette of options, including trendy brown and green.  Prices range from N$ 699 and above.

Store locations in Windhoek Include:

  • Cotton On The Grove Mall of Namibia



Delivering vibrant and on trend experience for every woman, it’s hard not to leave out Foschini.  It not only brings style but quality for all your outfits, hence why we will also be rocking their Puffers this Autumn. This puffer is particularly thicker in material, appears to be able to last you several years to come. Making the price point worth your while.

Retails at N$ 979

Store locations in Windhoek include:

  • Foschini  Wernhil
  • Foschini The Grove Mall
  • Foschini Maerua Mall

Final Thoughts

As prices might range from store to store, it really is up to you. Browse and decide on which store would best suit your budget and taste.

Will you be rocking puffers this season? Don’t forget to tag us.

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