Must-Have Summer Shoes Of 2023

By Sevelinus Kalemebla

With summer officially in full swing, don’t be afraid to splurge your savings on a summer shoe you have been dying to have. If you are in desperate need of the perfect summer shoe, we got you, from the classic penny loafers to every day sneakers be sure to invest in a statement shoe that will sure elevate your outfit and can be dressed up with any item in your closet.

Oversized Blazer – A Must-have Staple this Winter

By Sevelinus Kalembela

The oversized blazer has been headlining our streets since spring 22 and its the perfect trend to hop on. This statement piece has the power to elevate your outfit with zero efforts required, plus you don’t have to splurge a large sum of money to get in on the trend, you can get it at your local market or from your father’s or husband’s closet for free.


By Joan Mbago


The color green has slowly taken over fashion and it  can easily be  spotted across IG on your favorite influencer feeds, the streets and runways of your favourite intentional designers. Is it safe to say that this one is here to stay?

Well, I think so and to be honest, I would’ve never thought green would be the color of the moment or at least ever add it to  my wardrobe. The color was sort of just a little off to me. To even try it out or to even style it with other colors,  but with the world of fashion always evolving it really becomes difficult to miss out on certain trends so you let yourself simply fall in love.  I must also say that  one cool thing about this trend is its ability to cover your entire wardrobe.  I’m  talking shoe game, whether it be sneakers or heels,  tops, your little cute dresses, pants and bags.  CHILE! I don’t know about you, but  I am most definitely here for it all.

4 Winter Trends We Will Be Rocking.

By Joan Mbago

The world of fashion is constantly changing,  from designer to street style inspo , even to your favorite Instagram influencer feeds. Needless to say it can be quite difficult to comprehend and find new items to incorporate into your wardrobe. So whether you are into trends or simply just looking for new items/style for your winter closet, here are some of the few trends we will be rocking this season.

Here’s why you should add tailored trousers to your summer wardrobe

We asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter what you don’t want to see this summer and you all came through with your list of items. We had a good laugh at some of your concerns.

So we’ve rounded up a few clothing items you should definitely factor in this summer whether you are keeping up with the trends or not.  In this article we are talking about “Dress Trousers/Tailored Pants”