Mono & Me – From Broke to Money Savvy


I came from a place where one week after I had been paid I was fabulously broke. I mean broke enough to have to call on my savings account, broke enough to have to call daddy dearest one week before pay day and I must be frank, I was tired of living pay check to pay check. I soon became the friend you could not invite out in the middle of the month, because truth be told, I simply could not afford to attend. The invites dwindled and I became drenched in dread living day by day.

Mono & Me: Inadequacy

The world spends billions of dollars on the fashion and entertainment industry, an industry that preys on the insecurities of individuals and especially creates an inadequacy in the individual. Inadequacy and insecurity are the foundation on which the industry is built because it creates a false impression that the famous celebrities covered in the tabloids are the norm and standard. It leaves the youth aspiring to ridiculous standards that are unreal, because a majority of what they see is created impressions.

Mono & Me: Acceptance of the inquisitive mind

The very first encounter an inquisitive mind meets, is one’s parents. The process of working through one’s personality and discovering intellect, consciousness and diversity is done at home. When a child is born, the natural order of life is that they develop a sense of the world, followed by a sense of self. In the event that the process is not handled with care, it can do one of two things, cripple the child’s ability to grow into their full potential or create a safe place to discover themselves fully. The process of self-discovery is important because it molds the eyes through which an individual sees themselves.

Mono & Me: Self-Regulation

Values and morals are relative to an individual. Every time a choice is made repeatedly it set the precedent and inevitably becomes the standard. The difference between values and morals is simply from where they stem from, with the former being a personal standard and the latter being a societal standard. Societal standards are generally easy to abide by because they are defined by social etiquette, whereas where we generally falter is personal standards.

You must become teachable

I have walked a journey that has been inspired from the onset by a man I call my father. He has been able to inspire me in his journey, he not only spoke words of wisdom into my life, but he too was the set example of what it looks like to walk in those words of wisdom. I have been fortunate enough to be inspired and planted into by people who deemed my journey worth planting into. I am the classic definition of – it takes a village to raise a child. I have had people mentor me from all walks of life, I have had people plant wisdom into me, not because they wanted anything in return, but simply because they saw a burning desire in my heart to want to do better and do better.

Mono & Me: Invest in yourself

A conversation with the High Commissioner of the British Commission pointed to the fact that I adamantly write on the strength found in self-evaluation. This was coupled with a sincere need to have the entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur to self-reflect. Many times we spend a lot of time reading self-help books on how to acquire wealth. Although, this is a fundamental part of growing your business mind and polishing your business skills, we spend little time actually introspecting and looking within to ensure the character traits we possess that make up self, have the ability to drive us forward.