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If these ladies aren’t on your favourite Namibian content creators list, then who is?

They are on ours and if we aren’t binge watching their YouTube channel then we are stalking their Instagram.

We caught up with the twins, Lisette and Liselle So-oabes, to let us in on their travel adventures and plans for their brand.

Read all about it.

How was 2019 for you guys?

2020, was an absolute ice breaker for is!
Just having to unpack our purpose and aligning our goals was an absolute bliss. When all the questions that we have been asking ourselves and wondering “but why us Lord” finally started falling into place. We remember when we were in attendance for one of Pst. Micheal Amey’s sermons at Experience Koi,  he said “How and what you’re busy doing at the end of the year will determine how you will enter the new year”. By then we were really just focused on stabilizing our foundation as a brand, and strengthening our niche.

Your one word for 2020?



What are some of the things you are looking forward to this year?

–  Registering for our Masters (MBM).
–  Venturing into new businesses
–  Enhancing our Real Estate Business, equipping and mentoring upcoming Real Estate Agents
–  Curating more content for local and international companies.

Currently working on?

Jeeeeeeez, so many things but a priority would be mastering the art of influencing, digital content creation. Investing a whole lot of time in self-realisation, unlocking our emotional intelligence and brand awareness.

Talk to us about your entrepreneurial journey…

Our entrepreneurial journey, actually started at a very tender age, we were second year NUST in 2013, we registered our  company, Twin Towers Investments CC (Twin Tower Properties) from which our agency company emanated from. After a session Mr. Lazarus Jacobs had at NUST formerly known as the Polytechnic of Namibia where he stressed,..

You start with what you know.

We were still pursuing our qualifications in Land Management & Administration (Twin_Zette) and Property Studies & Valuation (Twin_Zelle). We then took our Real Estate exams and started practicing being realtors. Prior to that, in our first year we had taken up part-time jobs for Blueberry Marketing and Communications, doing activations. This is where our passion for branding was revealed. Ever since then, we have been sold into fostering engagement around new releases and products in general.

You’ve blessed us with amazing travel content, what has been your favourite travel destination so far?

Most definitely, Bali – Indonesia. We would do it all over again and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wishes to go.

What’s your go to airport look?

A comfortable easy to get by look! Tracksuits are highly accommodating and of course a backpack to keep everything you will need during those dreadful long hour flights.

Your favourite vacation look?

White always does it. Compliments anyplace at anytime of the day. 😊


Share some travel tips with our readers…

Generally, we are big on escapade. If you’re big on planning and love planning things well in advance you can overlook what we are about to share. We like booking accommodation after we have arrived alive at our destination! We make reservation at 2 to 3 accommodation facilities and as soon as we land normally ask people which one they prefer the most! This has helped us to book accommodation that is tourist friendly and that locals love. It is a trait that forces us to communicate with locals on first hand. This is part of the adventure and do not just book one accommodation for your whole visit, be adventurous and see more. Secondly, do thorough research of the location, download necessary apps like Airbnb,, Public transport Apps and lastly Google Maps & Translate this will make your trip much easier. Thirdly, pack accordingly. Confirm the weather patterns well in advance and DO NOT pack a lot if you have a budget for shopping. Rather travel with a backpack, duffle bag and come back with a suitcace ;).

Are you guys always dressed the same? Tell us about your shopping process?

Us having the same taste in fashion is definitely our secret! We reside in separate towns but when we walk into shops in the different towns we purchase the exact same thing. It’s funny how we do it but I guess it’s twin telepathy. Other than that we go shopping together most of the time and if we are not together one of the two confirms the items via social media be it Whatsapp or Instagram platform and then whoever is buying would buy.

What’s the next on your destination list? Places you still want to visit?

St. Lucia
Cape Verde
Italy Venice

The best meal you’ve ever had outside the country?

Mozambican Grilled King Prawns  in Ponta Do Ouro, served so well! My mouth is literally getting watery thinking about it.

Your favourite travel moment ever?

Dancing with elephants in Bali at the Elephant Mason Park. We are just glad the moment was captured, because WOW! They are a vibe.

Your favourite Namibian destination?

Desert Whisper, Sossusvlei…that is one of Gods greatest creations!

What are your travel essentials?

Gimble, sunscreen, sunglasses, wet-wipes, allergex and diarrhea tablets because cuisines!

Plans for your brand? What can we look forward to?

We have so much on our vision bulletin for the next 5 years but you guys can definitely expect more collaborations and growth both locally and globally!


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