Model Update – DannyK

The first time we visited Danny Shikwambi’s Instagram handle we were amazed and no we aren’t making reference to his well build physique or okay maybe just a little (a whole lot). 

This month’s Model Update edition we speak to the young man who hails all the way from Walvis Bay, popularly known as DannyK in the Namibian modeling industry.

How to care for your beard

Growing a beard and taking good care of it can sound really easy. But just like maintaining the hair on top of your heard, it requires a lot of attention and a little more than just combing it every other day and hoping it grows how you envision it to.

So here are a couple of ways you can care for your beard and make sure it smells and looks good all the time.

– Shallot Mohutege

Naked Masculinity

Masculinity… People seem to know it, when they see it. They sense it, they react to it, but if you ask most men to define masculinity, you get a lot of confused and conflicted answers. In many cases you get a short lecture on morality, tradition, and the popular conception of manhood.

-Rena Stephanus