The secret is out. There’s a new way to relax and meditate in Windhoek and we feel everyone should try it at least once.

We recently attended a very fun Secret Sunset session where we also had a chat with the Namibian group’s founding members about how it all came about.

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What is Secret Sunrise?

Secret Sunrise is a global community that celebrates life through music, movement and connection. 

We usually get the questions, “Is it a silent disco? Is it a party? Is it a yoga session? Is it a meditation session? Is it a choreographed dance?”

 No , it’s kind of all of these things meshed together.

The unique concept was born in 2014 to Secret Sunrise Chief of Joy Grant Ross and Facilitator trainer Dan Becker under the African skies and has spread throughout South Africa and has rippled out to the rest of the world. It’s really grown to a large community within the last 2 years, with 16 cities across the world having Secret Sunrise franchises.

Walk us through a secret sunrise session…

Every person attending gets a set of headphones on arrival. Outsiders can’t hear anything, event goers can’t verbally communicate with each other. The session usually starts with guided meditation and then from there, the music starts. The accredited facilitators provide guided instructions throughout the hour which will have you dancing freestyle, in pairs or even groups. Here, you have the opportunity to really let go and let loose. To keep things interactive and fun the facilitator gives tips, encouragement and even dance move ideas.

No judgement from anyone especially because it’s encouraged to let go and have your inner child experience the joy.

What do you want every attendee to feel or take away from any session?

We’ve noticed that many people’s characters have been dimmed and their mental health taxed as a result of today’s society and the pressures we are constantly faced with.

Our aim is to have attendees feeling genuine joy, freedom, self expression, positive energy intake, a sense of connection, and light when they leave from a session.

You have included online sessions too, how will that work? Will online attendees receive the same experience as the live events?

When the pandemic hit world wide , the Global team created Secret Sunrise JOY ONLINE. Where you can tune in from anywhere in the world to take part in the experience.  The hosting facilitators try to make the experience as memorable and similar as the contact sessions, the flow of the session is the same, the only thing missing are the Secret Sunrise headsets.

 As lockdowns across the world are easing up , less online sessions will be held and more in person or contact sessions will be held . The global team , is however, looking for a sponsor to host online sessions once a month so that participants can join in for free.

Ultimate goal for Secret Sunrise?

Our ultimate goal will be to be a household name in Namibia whether it’s through our public events or private sessions because we’ve brought some sense of joy and a sober euphoric experience to Namibia. A smaller goal for us is to sell out all 120 headsets for a session. 

We will be expanding to the coast (Swakopmund) as soon as things get “back to normal”, our hopes are to spread throughout the country to bring the experience to everyone and have it as accessible to all as possible . We are very excited to announce that we will be rolling our membership options within the next couple of weeks.

When is the next event?

The next events are on Friday, 31 July 2020 at 6:30pm (sunset) and Saturday, 1 of August 2020 at 7am (sunrise). Friday’s theme is an 80s Groove Sunset and Saturday will be a 90s Sunrise. Tickets are available online at webtickets or in store at any PicknPay Nationwide. Tickets are also currently on an early bird special until 2 days before the events.

Talk to us about the playlist…

The playlist is always so much fun creating, usually we choose a theme and each facilitator chooses a few songs according to the theme/flow for their section and then we’ll sit together to make sure everything flows nicely before finalizing the playlist. Our playlists can be found on Deezer. Links will be shared soon.

Other than their regular sunrise or sunset experience, Secret Sunrise Namibia offers tailor made team building and corporate packages, school functions as well as private functions/birthdays.

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