We are so happy to see more and more Namibians get into content creating, starting their own blogs and YouTube channels because it means we get to consume our own stories. Even better, we get to tell them ourselves.

Here’s a list of some Namibian content we’ve been enjoying lately.


  1. The Weekly Wrap with Aina Raiza Kweyo

She’s kind enough to keep us in the loop of what’s happening on the scene. From celebrity and entertainment drama to who scored the latest gig, she’s got the tea.  Watch her latest video:



2. Twinfluencers

Twins, Listette and Liselle, have made it their mission to show us Namibian places we should all visit by dedicating their channel to  consistent Travel Vlogs. Watch their visit to N/a’an Ku Se Lodge.


3. Woven

Another YouTuber who has captured the Namibian travel scene really well is Woven. She has also managed to capture and document our culture really well by sharing a glimpse of our Village Life. Watch one of her most viewed videos here:

4. Emily Kandanga

Fitness guru Emily Kandanga shares fitness and lifestyle tips on her channels because SHE KNOWS we need help. Watch:


5. Footprints with Avehe

Avy Mabel talks about marriage, friendships and more on hear channel. Watch her top 3 lessons from her marriage here:


6. Kimberely Krieger

Through her collaboration with Gondwana Lodges she has made our “Travel Namibia” wishlist even longer. Check out her IG TV to see what we mean:



7. Renate’s Nxoro Sessions

Make Up Artist Renate Shikongo shares stories from her own life, from getting arrested, robbing, waking up in a shack, getting arrested again, sexual experiences, puking, you name it. Watch season 1 on her IG TV:


8. Maria Nepembe

Personality, actress and director Maria Nepembe lets us in on her life, creates fun videos with her friends and answers some our most frequent questions. Watch here:


9. Ndina Nehemia

A Namibian in the US. Ndina Nehemia shares travel vlogs and videos about her life in America.  Watch:


10. Just Neki

She recently rebranded from Lipstick & Afros as we know her, since her move to the US. We’ve loved seeing Nekwaya’s journey as she settles into her new life, new continent, marriage and everything. For her weekly vlogs, hauls and some travel watch here:


Of course the list is longer, we just couldn’t list every one. How about we turn this into a series? Yes?

But for now, who should we binge watch next? Tag them below.

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