From Durags  to  wave checks  Tatekulu K is no amateur to the wave life. In this interview, he speaks about his new business venture and gives us a few tips on how to keep your waves dripping.

Get ready to take notes.

What inspired your new line of wave brushes?

Well, personally, I know how hard it can be to find the right products, so launching the brushes after the Durags just made sense. For clients who want to start their wave journey, we act as a one stop shop for them  by offering  the standard full package: a Durag plus a brush to do the magic.

Making the wave journey as smooth as possible is always the goal.

Seeing as the men grooming market is relatively new and, on the rise, how did you feel going into this new venture?

The number of gentlemen that groom are quite large, I knew there was a need for this product so I was very confident. Now I can proudly say that, clientele wise, we have not been disappointed. I’m happy to see it increasing at such a fast pace.

Tell us more about your slogan. “The wave is upon us “

It means that; like it or not, “the wave” is coming, you know. It’s either  you join and chess with us or watch us chess. It’s a fast growing trend and we are catering to it.

Is there a target market? If yes then who?

Not necessarily. While most of our clients are wavers, we do have those who buy a Durag to style with an outfit or just to maintain their hair. Whereas, the brushes are definitely targeted to our wavers.

What makes your product different from any other wave brush on the market?

It’s user friendly. The strength of the brush is not too hard that it impairs your scalp causing your hair not to grow right. Thus, messing  up your wave progress. It’s also not too soft, it’s just right. It makes sense.

What is your mission with this new venture?

To have a huge community of wavers that come together to do wave checks and so forth. Making it a culture typa thing.

Which stage of the wave journey would you say your brush is perfect for?

Clean Cut beginners

Contrary to popular belief, waves aren’t the easiest to maintain so what opted you to hop on the wave?

Definitely not easy to maintain especially for beginners, but it eventually becomes a habit that you enjoy. Therapeutic even . Just put on your nxa playlist and you are good to go. I wanted to chess, and always felt like standing out, so I hopped on the wave and did my thing.

Any tips to new wavers to prevent them from sinking?

Get yourself a Tate K brush and Durag. Go on a 30 day wolf season, then simply brush for 20 minutes every day.

Lastly, other than your brush, top 3 wave products?


Styling Gel

Coconut oil

Lastly, anything in the foreseeable future that we should keep an eye out for?

Yes, definitely a lot is coming, like we say “the wave is upon us”. Until then, zero rest.

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