Sincerely Saron: 6 differences dating Namibian and Russian men

Now that I’ve been back for quite a while, I’ve had a chance to sample the Windhoek dating pool. I set myself to the task and got myself onto Tinder and went on maybe a dozen dates? Initially, I’d wanted to try something fun and maybe vlog the whole experience – something focussed on first impressions and the assumptions we make about people before we’ve had a chance to get to know them. But too few of my subjects were thrilled to appear on my YouTube LOL. I think I’ll tweak the idea and give it another go later. But this time I thought I’d share some of the biggest differences I found between Namibian and European (Russian) men in particular. 

Curvy Scorpio: Frame of Reference

‘’When we get married, we promise a person the rest of our lives, ‘’Till death do us part’’

  But what if in another life we promised someone forever? 

  What if, ten lifetimes ago we promised someone lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime     

  after lifetime? Think about it. Maybe that’s why marriages fail when they do fail. Because maybe 

  promises are never really broken.’’ – Ndako Rombs

Adulting 101: Entitlement and Expectations

By Rautia Nakanyala

If there’s one great belief or habit I have come to unlearn this year is, feeling entitled and having an uncommunicated expectation. No one owes us anything except for the people that have made a very clear vocal commitment to us: either in friendship, relationship or family but even in commitment your entitlement is very limited. I have saved myself from so much emotional distress ever since I came to accept the fact that no one owes me anything. Sometimes, also, I expect too much from people who are limited when it comes to my expectations. Let me try and break it up for us:

Mono&Me: Living in the here and the now

You know when one finds themselves looking at their life, we tend to have two sights, forward and backwards. We spend a majority of our time focused on the future and what is to come. Always planning and anxious about where we are going and trying to ensure that we are doing the groundwork to get to where we are going. We spend so much time immersed in the what ifs and little time in the now. We spend equally as much time studying our past and trying to piece together the areas we could have done better, the things we have experienced and the things we wish had been different.

Adulting 101: Sometimes, this is what living in purpose is

By Rautia Nakanyala

I am writing this on a Friday evening, twenty minutes before 9 pm, I am meant to submit my entry for Sunday today and bet I will but this has what my life has become, a life filled with things I need to do because they give me great joy. I just finished cooking dinner and watching the kids eat as I indulge in a glass of wine and try to write before I take a long warm shower and have dinner. My life is busy, it’s a simple as that.