6 Journal Prompts for 2021

Journaling has been said to be a a very powerful tool for self care, growth, mental wellness you name it. It’s the practice of jotting down your thoughts or ideas. Karen Powell mentions that if you don’t want to keep these thoughts on paper or in notebooks you can write them down and then tear up, burn or shred the pieces of paper.


The Number 1 Décor Item Right Now: The Kenren Console Table

2020 taught us, if anything, to invest in the places we call home, seeing we were spending so much time there.  From kickstarting multiple DIY projects to spending all our money buying new home furniture and deco items, we did it all.

A Namibian interior brand we’ve been eyeing is Kenren Interiors. In this edition of Home & Living, we find out what their number 1 decor item is right now.