Mono & Me: Self-Regulation

Values and morals are relative to an individual. Every time a choice is made repeatedly it set the precedent and inevitably becomes the standard. The difference between values and morals is simply from where they stem from, with the former being a personal standard and the latter being a societal standard. Societal standards are generally easy to abide by because they are defined by social etiquette, whereas where we generally falter is personal standards.

You must become teachable

I have walked a journey that has been inspired from the onset by a man I call my father. He has been able to inspire me in his journey, he not only spoke words of wisdom into my life, but he too was the set example of what it looks like to walk in those words of wisdom. I have been fortunate enough to be inspired and planted into by people who deemed my journey worth planting into. I am the classic definition of – it takes a village to raise a child. I have had people mentor me from all walks of life, I have had people plant wisdom into me, not because they wanted anything in return, but simply because they saw a burning desire in my heart to want to do better and do better.

Where to Eat: Butcher Block Namibia

By Elzaan Nel

As you probably know, I rarely go eat out at franchise restaurants. I always feel like something gets lost when doing a copy-paste establishment, BUT this was not the case in Butcher Block Namibia.  Having all the perks of a franchise restaurant, such as trained chefs, systems in place and a well thought through menu yet offering you the feeling of an authentic local steak house. I eagerly awaited the opening of Butcher Block in the Am Weinberg estate since I saw their 1st instagram post in November last year.  Checking every odd week to see if they’ve opened yet and getting excited when they post food photos online.

Mono & Me: Invest in yourself

A conversation with the High Commissioner of the British Commission pointed to the fact that I adamantly write on the strength found in self-evaluation. This was coupled with a sincere need to have the entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur to self-reflect. Many times we spend a lot of time reading self-help books on how to acquire wealth. Although, this is a fundamental part of growing your business mind and polishing your business skills, we spend little time actually introspecting and looking within to ensure the character traits we possess that make up self, have the ability to drive us forward.

Mono & Me: We are different

After carefully laying out my plans and vision for life, I sealed the book that would guide my life. I had it all figured out, I knew at what age I expected to finish varsity, I knew where I intended to complete my post graduate degree and I knew at what age I wanted to get married and with how many kids. I had it all figured out, I knew what I wanted and when I wanted it. I knew how I was going to get it and when it was intended to happen. The only problem is I was twelve. Twelve years too young to comprehend life, twelve years too young to foresee the bumps and curves life throws at you, and twelve years too young to possess the wisdom needed to be able to make such life altering decisions, never mind the ability to understand the complexity of life.

Mono & Me: 3 things life never prepares you for

Lately, I have found that I may have learnt to maneuver life, develop a thick skin and learn to take life as it comes. I have outsmarted how to live in my financial lane and gone as far as learning how to grow in my spiritual life, self-love journey and relationships. However, regardless of how many lessons I learn, and how well I have learnt to take the hard hits in life, there are things that have happened in my life that when I look back, there is still some hurt there. It is not that I dwell in those areas, but life just never truly prepares you for certain things. These are the three things that I was never, ever ready for in life. They are random, and so far apart, but they have been the times I look back on and I am most proud of;

Mono & Me: Did I bite off more than I can chew?

I have this insane desire to work hard because I was taught as soon as I could walk and talk, that there is one route to success, and it is hard work. Regardless of what success looks like to you, it would have to have you apply some kind of work ethic. Even if your special talent is being lazy, it takes work to be lazy. You will have to ignore the ever present nagging feeling in the back of your mind reminding you that you have pending work that you need to do and are not getting to. You may not believe this, and many people will never tell you this, but it takes real work to be lazy. Well, maybe not lazy, but being lazy and at peace. Now that, that takes work.

Where to Eat: Café Prestige

by Elzaan Nel

I recently stumbled upon an image on Instagram which looked like it was taken somewhere in Vancouver or New York. It immediately sparked my curiosity and I had to investigate if one of my favorite local social media influencers moved overseas or if this was an actual place in Namibia! To my relief this was an actual place, selling coffee, right here in our capital!

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