Curvy Scorpio: Dating during a Pandemic

‘’There are things even love can’t do. Before I got married, I believed love could do anything. I learned soon enough that it couldn’t bear the weight of four years without children. If the burden is too much and stays too long, even love bends, cracks, comes close to breaking and sometimes does break. ‘’But even when it’s in a thousand pieces around your feet, that does’nt mean it’s no longer love.’’ Ayobami Adebayo.

Fitness, Wellness and Happy Hormones

By Hilma.L.Inkono

When it comes to fitness and wellness, most people are aware that exercising is good for one’s health, however intentionally implementing physical activity into one’s routine is an entirely different battle on its own.  Having the motivation and discipline to regularly break a sweat regardless of your body type, is a recurring choice you have to constantly make, which is easier said than done. Nonetheless, there are endless benefits to working out, whereby improvements can be seen in the physical, mental and social realm of one’s life, to mention a few.

So, to set us off into the world of physical wellness, I reached out to two fitness enthusiasts with completely different styles of working out.

Soup & Bread: The perfect pair

  • By Elizma Burger

With the colder months ahead of us, we are switching to preparing hot dishes instead salads. One of my all-time favorite winter tradition is soup. There is just something about a hot bowl of soup that comforts me and pairing soup with bread excites me. The crunch of the bread complements the soup perfectly and one of the best parts is dipping a slice of crusty bread into the soup.

Top 5 Coffee Hotspots to visit this Autumn/Winter

By Hilma L. Inkono

Now that the colder months are approaching, people are opting for sweaters instead of tops, sneakers instead of sandals and most importantly coffee in the stead of colder drinks. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant in coffee that supposedly keeps one more alert and awake, hence, it’s a go-to drink for many people when they require a boost of energy. Nevertheless, sometimes one merely wants to enjoy a hot cup of java with a good ambience and a lovely vibe. I visited 5 coffee hotspots that might suit your palate.

Top 5 Gondwana travel destinations on my list: Southern Edition

By Elizma Burger

The name Gondwana is synonymous with quality and luxury. With over 15 lodges across Namibia, the Gondwana Collection is the perfect go-to when booking accommodation. The various lodges, hotels and campsites are divided in to 5 collections: secret, adventure, value, experience and premium collections. Each collection is catered to your specific needs, making it easy to find an option that fits your budget.

Choosing 5 of my favourite Gondwana travel destinations was quite a challenge, so I decided to focus on my top 5 destinations in the southern part of Namibia.

Zodiac Selfcare: Water & Earth signs

As our lives begin to feel more fast paced, daily stressors tend to overwhelm our sense of calmness and it is easy to feel slightly or even greatly worn out. Self-care has a lot to do with promoting and maintaining wellness, whether that aspect is mental, physical, social, emotional and or spiritual. It requires you to check in on yourself and really ask yourself “how am I doing today?” and if your answer requires a bit of replenishing, then these self-care rituals by astrologer Constance Stellas might just be for you!

By Hilma. L. Inkono