Where to Eat Namibia: Col’Cacchio

by Elzaan Nel

I’ve always been a huge fan of Italian inspired food, I mean who doesn’t like a bowl of freshly prepared pasta or a thin crust pizza with delectable toppings.  I know I do! If this is the type of food that gets you salivating then you need to visit Col’Cacchio’s at the Grove Mall. We decided to spend out Sunday afternoon relaxing on their terrace soaking up the early winter sun.

Where To Eat Namibia: Olivia’s Kitchen

By Elzaan Nel

If you’ve been following Where to eat Namibia on Instagram you would know I’m a little bit obsessed with breakfast. It is by far my favourite meal of the day, maybe due to the fact that I’m addicted to coffee. Or is it the fact that I’m such a morning person? Who knows! All I know is that nothing beats the smell of freshly made coffee, the sound bacon frying in a pan and the taste of breakfast!

Mono & Me – From Broke to Money Savvy


I came from a place where one week after I had been paid I was fabulously broke. I mean broke enough to have to call on my savings account, broke enough to have to call daddy dearest one week before pay day and I must be frank, I was tired of living pay check to pay check. I soon became the friend you could not invite out in the middle of the month, because truth be told, I simply could not afford to attend. The invites dwindled and I became drenched in dread living day by day.