It’s the FINALE! We’ve reached the final stretch of our relay. We started off with Doctor Shindume who passed it on to Sunet Van Wyk who passed it on to Lee Neshila.

Our final #OshiSmoothieRelay episode is with the great Cheroldine Kanana. She is making her smoothie with the Sweet Oshikandela flavor.

Watch as we finish off this amazing race! 




Watch how she made it:


We have the full recipe, download and save for later.

Cinematography/DOP by Creative South (@creativvesouth)
Editing by Shili Munyama (@yamansnovember)
Directed by Jay Aeron (@jay_aeron)
Narrated by Linekela Inkono (@linekelainkono)
Produced by Betty Sibeso @bettysibeso

This production was proudly brought to you by Oshikandela Namibia

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