Top 5 Gondwana travel destinations on my list: Southern Edition

By Elizma Burger

The name Gondwana is synonymous with quality and luxury. With over 15 lodges across Namibia, the Gondwana Collection is the perfect go-to when booking accommodation. The various lodges, hotels and campsites are divided in to 5 collections: secret, adventure, value, experience and premium collections. Each collection is catered to your specific needs, making it easy to find an option that fits your budget.

Choosing 5 of my favourite Gondwana travel destinations was quite a challenge, so I decided to focus on my top 5 destinations in the southern part of Namibia.

Travel with Anchor Adventures

There’s no better hashtag in Namibia than #sharemynamibia. Not only does it inspire us travel our country more it also shows the world the beauty that is Namibia.
Lucky for us, and the world, Anchor Adventures is here to guide and give us the best travel experience. We chat to the founder, Lubowski Khadila, about the services they offer.