Travel with Anchor Adventures

There’s no better hashtag in Namibia than #sharemynamibia. Not only does it inspire us travel our country more it also shows the world the beauty that is Namibia.
Lucky for us, and the world, Anchor Adventures is here to guide and give us the best travel experience. We chat to the founder, Lubowski Khadila, about the services they offer.

Why Brussels? – Memory Herman

One of my favorite European cities visited yet, has to be Brussels. Having arrived into the city from Paris, perhaps a change in location was much anticipated due to the less dense population of Brussels compared to Paris. Having visited the city twice already, some of the things I always look forward to when in Brussels are; Belgium waffles, chocolate and trying out one of the many choices of Belgian brewed ales.  

Bold Strangers – Memory Herman

My guess is that we as people are much bolder at making romantic advances towards complete strangers, especially foreign strangers, because the likelihood of ever seeing them again is close to nil. I mean, what’s the harm right? You get to enjoy each other’s company in whichever way you choose, to end up parting ways with no strings attached, should that be choice.