Reality has never hit me this hard for me to actually sit myself the fuck down and look at my options, the good and the bad.  *dis vusu.  How can an executive of a big firm be such a clown when it comes to *DICK!

After I had passed out I literally thought I was done for and the only thing on my mind was Tate Fire, guys I think I’m possessed because there is no way in hell a person that’s busy dying and all you can think of is the D. My love life is a complete joke*wuuuugh.

I opened my eyes and started and scanned the room I was in, it kind of looked like I was in my bedroom because I could tell from the new curtains I had bought last summer but this does not make sense at all, I mean I am supposed to be in a fucking hospital. The bedroom door opens and Tate Fire comes walking in with a tray that looked like breakfast and he uttered ‘morning my love’, my confused self couldn’t bring to terms as to what was going on.  The last thing I remember was my bestie going nuts outside the hospital, me panicking because I do not know what is happening to my body and finally blacking out. I was mad at him for not showing up when I called earlier but he is here now, in his house? OKAY!.

Tate Fire comes over with the tray, puts it down next to me, and opens the curtains, *shuuuu that 11 am bright and early sunlight hits different when you don’t quite remember what happened the previous night.*kalunga kange, I thought to myself.  He came back to my bedside and I haven’t uttered a word since he walked in with that tray, aren’t you going to eat something, he asked?  Uhhhm yeah, of cause I replied back while taking a slice of a peach.  He started giving me a back massage and if you can guess it right, yup, my lady down immediately started tingling for joy, nipples were starting to harden, even he noticed it.  *Gosh, his firm yet so soft hands rubbing my back was so relaxing that I had lost my damn appetite.  Kissing me on my neck as I started to moan with my eyes closed, he started rubbing my boobs in a circular motion and already I knew it was about to go down.  He pulled up my silky nightdress and I could feel his dick pressing against my back and moving slowly down my bum.  Up down he kept moving until his Egyptian cotton sheets were wet from my juice.   Can I clean up the mess you made, he asked as his fingers managed to find *Mrs P . Obviously my response was “huh”, lol, Mr went straight down and started eating it like how I was eating that peach.

Have y’all ever had breakfast in bed *ano? Some of my friends get so annoyed when waking up in the morning to no morning glory and I think I should count myself lucky *as I thought to myself when I started hearing besties voice telling me to stop, wake the fuck up bra, what are you doing moaning and shit. I was in the hospital, after all, My good Lord!


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