By Eva-Liisa Nailenge

This was an interview I was looking most forward to, and it was a little different from the interviews I normally do. I wanted the full experience, the feel and the touch that is HairbyMizeria. We conducted the interview as I sat in a chair and had the talented Igracia do what she does best, hair.

Get to know the face behind the brand.


So who is Igracia?

Well, that is a loaded question as it gets one to think a lot and not necessarily have a straight up answer, but I would say I am an ambivert. I enjoy singing which is something I do with my sister, and I am a huge shopper which is a coping mechanism when I am stressed, or things get a bit crazy.


How did you get into the industry of doing hair?

It was something I got into to make extra cash; I began doing hair in 2019. It wasn’t totally planned, a friend contacted me and wanted to get their hair done and I was keen and tried it out, and till this day I am still doing it, and I am pretty good at it. It is a bit odd on days where I am not doing hair, because it feels weird, and all I can truly say is this is my passion.


How has your creative journey been so far?

It is going well, but some days I wake up and I do not want to see anyone. But if I have made a commitment to someone I will show up, always. I do have off days, Fridays and Saturdays where I sort of do my own thing and rest (laughs). If you want to peep all my looks and how my creative journey is going, head over to my brand ambassadors Instagram page Niita Shikongo (@shecantgo), all her looks are curated by me.


Is doing hair, the most creative side to you or is there more?

Yes, doing hair is when I am most creative, and I enjoy it.


What is your definition of a good client and mention couple you have had so far?

I love bubbly, outspoken clients. I think when I am engaging with a client in conversation it makes the experience overall fun. Shoutout to Maggie Kashanu super punctual, and Johanna Iyambo.


What is your most favourite look or style to do?

Currently, butterfly locks. It is something new and take times, but I enjoy it because it’s something I am not necessarily used to doing.

Is doing hair going to be a forever thing?

Absolutely yes! It would do so much for me, I am studying towards a law degree and all I can say is hair is it for me. I believe that time is money and making an income while doing something I love is amazing.

What is the future for HiarbyMizeria?

The goal is to build something big, more clients, more franchises. So, watch out for HiarbyMizeria because she will be big!

What can we expect from Igracia?

I do not want to jinx anything and prefer people to be surprised. So, keep an eye out!

There is so much more in store for the brand, HairbyMizeria, so stick and enjoy the ride. Follow Igracia Mize business page @_hairbymizeria on Instagram.

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