Blink is a creative…
Blink loves dancing…
Blink loves dancing with other creatives…
Blink loves giving flowers to other people doing things out of the norm…

Basically like we do, how perfect? 

Blink embodies creativity in every aspect of her life. She has a deep passion for dancing and finds joy in expressing herself through movement. Furthermore, Blink enjoys collaborating with other creatives, forming connections and fostering a sense of community.

For our first digital cover of the year, we wanted to feature a creative who is doing just that – creating and pushing the boundaries of the social media scene.

BLINK came to mind last year, and plans were put into motion.

You don’t have to be like everybody else

Blink says in our video interview.


On a picturesque day in mid-February, just a few days after Valentine’s Day, Blink graced our studio with her presence. She arrived dressed in an oversized graphic tee and trousers, prepared to undergo a glamorous transformation by our stylist, Valencia Shaama, and makeup artist/editor, Jayn Aeron.

To begin the process, Blink settled into the makeup chair as Jayn skillfully began to work on her face.

Working with Blink was an absolute delight. From the moment I contacted her via email, she was ready and willing to work. Her response was filled with so much excitement and zeal – This is how I knew we’d have a lot of fun working on this cover.

Valencia  spent about 3 days getting to know and understand Blink and her style as an individual, which helped in curating looks that made her comfortable but also created a separation from her everyday style.

For the first look and actual cover look, Valencia wanted an accessory based look. BLINK wore a boob tube tank top to appear topless, Valencia threw some stunning purple gloves onto BLINK’s hands and then added some rings over them. For earrings she went with gold obscure hoops.

Sourcing the pieces for the cover look was quite simple since I’ve had my eye on those purple gloves for the longest I was simply waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself to buy them and make use of them. The rings were a huge struggle to find because majority of the stores in town were out of rings on the day of the shoot, however, I managed to secure a few rings.

Set on the red background, the team was pleased with how the images came out.

The makeup look featured a natural, skin-like finish, highlighting her already beautiful complexion, which required minimal enhancement. Our goal was to draw attention to her stunning eyes, hence the use of a double graphic liner and subtle shimmer eyeshadow, ensuring cohesion with all the outfits curated by Valencia.

Summer or Winter? The producer asks BLINK

With winter you have more options for dressing.

The Second Look

Look 2 and 3 were the easiest to execute since Blink had most of the items in her closet and some items were sourced from my closet. – Valencia

Look 2 was inspired by the singer Rosalía for her cover for Vogue Italia and Spain November 2022 Issue.


The Third Look

Look 3 was inspired by the “school girl aesthetic” and it happened to fit Blink and her personality really well –  which is why I opted for it. Even she loved it when I showed her the inspiration of the outfit I had in mind (which was a picture from Pinterest).


We finally wrapped up the images and it was time to film the video interview in which BLINK answered questions like “Why the name BLINK”, what inspires her and more. Coming to our Instagram, lookout for that. 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with BLINK…She has such a calming aura to her that immediately also makes you feel relaxed. – Jayn Aeron


It was an honour celebrating BLINK for our first cover of the year, we wish her nothing but the best. 

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