Hang on…Siri… What is a side hustle-babe? Wait am I a side-hustle babe?

I imagine this title caught your attention? Because in some shape or form; we all have a gig on the side right? I most definitely am a certified side-hustle babe – with about 3 side-hustles under my belt! So welcome ladies…to the column that talks all things side-hustle…Here’s to an nspiring, encouraging and educational journey of the year, yet.

What then is a side-hustle?

In its simplest form; a side-hustle is any opportunity that increases your income. Hold that thought. This means you might have a full time job that takes up a good portion of your day and helps you pay the bills; but there is some other skill or gift you possess that can be maximised to earn you some extra cash. For example, I am a qualified international trade lawyer by profession but I have thing for the English language and generally love to read a well constructed sentence. What did I do about that? I offer proofreading and editing services in my spare time and that is just one of my side-hustles. I could do it in my sleep. My eyes have simply mastered the art of quickly browsing an article and finding ways to make it better. I used to do this for free for friends and family but I realised a lot of people need help; so why not make some extra cash right.

So babe…Maybe you are a doctor, perhaps not even a career girl in the traditional sense of the word; but just a girl with insane talent at doing something… You could, or not; be using your talent to make extra cash; either way this column is just for you!

Why a side-hustle?

We. All. Need. Extra. Cash. Is what I really want to tell you; but there is more to it. Side-hustles are great because depending on your commitment, they could be training ground for what could one day become an empire. Some of the greatest businesses we see today were once a side-hustle. Stick with me. If you allow what you are naturally good at to be the guiding force behind your side-hustle; this could mean you are the only one that knows how to do what you do, the way you do it and that already gives you an advantage above others! Side-hustles can also stretch you…yes that word…to use capabilities that you might not necessarily be at liberty to use in the work place. This would allow you sharpen other skills that make you more competitive as an individual.

Watch out now babe…

Side-hustles if not properly managed could become consuming and sometimes compromise the quality of work you have to deliver in the work place. This certainly does not mean you shouldn’t dabble in it; not at all. It simply means we all have an opportunity to learn a new skill; managing our lives better right?

And so on a scale of 1-10; how much would I encourage you to stop dreaming and waiting for the perfect time? Let’s try 11! There has never been a better time to start. I know you are curious about the how… Look out for my next entry that will walk you through how to start!

Until then… I respect you something mighty fierce babe…

Ps. Siri said Yes! You are certified side-hustle babe and you rock!

With all my love,

Side-Hustle Babe Extraordinaire

Stacy Pinto

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