By Elizma Burger

The name Gondwana is synonymous with quality and luxury. With over 15 lodges across Namibia, the Gondwana Collection is the perfect go-to when booking accommodation. The various lodges, hotels and campsites are divided in to 5 collections: secret, adventure, value, experience and premium collections. Each collection is catered to your specific needs, making it easy to find an option that fits your budget.

Choosing 5 of my favourite Gondwana travel destinations was quite a challenge, so I decided to focus on my top 5 destinations in the southern part of Namibia.

1. Canyon Lodge

Canyon Village is built to honour and represent the Nama culture of Namibia. Upon arrival, guests’ luggage is transported to their room with a “donkiekar”. The stone-and-thatch chalets are positioned in a horse-shoe design and is surrounded by quiver trees and rocks. The village is located near the Fish River Canyon and is a perfect starting point to explore the most southern parts of Namibia. Canyon Village forms part of the Value Collection, therefore it is very affordable and has an option to suit everyone.

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2. Kalahari Anib Lodge

Situated 30km from Mariental, the Kalahari Anib Lodge is a haven of red sands. The Kalahari is known to be home of the oldest culture in the world. This lodge forms part of the Luxury Collection and is situated near the Gondwana Kalahari Park. The lodge offers sunset drives and sundowners on the beautiful red dunes. Kalahari Anib Lodge is a relaxed and down-to-earth stopover for a taste of Kalahari.

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3. Namib Dune Star

If you want to have the experience of sleeping in the desert, but you are not fond of being away from basic amenities, then I would suggest the Namib Dune Star. This camp is part of the Experience Collection and it truly does the collection justice. The camp is very intimate and only has 9 cabins that are quite a distance from one another. The best perk of these cabins are the moveable double bed. During the summer time, guests can wheel their bed out for a night under the southern skies. If that does not scream romantic getaway, then I don’t know. The Namib Dune Star is an eco-friendly camp and they encourage their guests to adhere to be mindful of resources.

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4. Desert Grace

With a 4.4 start rating, the Desert Grace forms part of the Premium Collection that Gondwana has to offer. The Desert Grace is one of the most Instagrammable places in Namibia, with photo opportunities everywhere! Follow the likes of @helvy.n and @kimberleykrieger and sip on a pink cocktail next to the “ONE NIGHT IN NAMIBIA” sign. On your way to the lodge you pass many treasures in the desert, like a pink fridge and a huge pink frame with the hashtags #thedesertgrace and #gondwanalodges. This is definitely one of my favourite places in Namibia and definitely worth the travel.

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5. Desert Whisper

The last lodge on my list is the Desert Whisper. Just like the word ‘whisper’ suggests, the Desert Whisper is part of the Secret Collection. This lodge is known to be perfect for an intimate luxury getaway. The whole design of the lodge is inspired by nature and natural shapes, material and colours. The rooms are designed to only accommodate two people and has its own personal pool. The views include the Naukluft Mountains and the clear blue sky. Every room has its own personal reception, dedicated host and scenic drive ensure exclusivity. Meals are pre-arranged to suit your dietary preferences. Guys this is luxury at its best!

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The Gondwana Collection website  is very detailed and super easy to book online. If you ever need some travel inspiration or are just curious about these gorgeous lodges, hotels and campsites then I suggest you search the hashtag #gondwanalodges on Instagram.

Which one is on your travel list?

*Images sourced from Gondwana Website

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