It may be freezing cold but life is short and for the living, amirriiight?!

So I’m here to share a list of events I will be attending in Windhoek this weekend. Join me!

Gazza teams up with Windhoek Draught to
bring #Gazza&Friends Multi-Concert

Multiple award winning artist, Gazza in partnership with Windhoek Draught presents the first of its kind Gazza and Friends Multi-Concert in Windhoek, Namibia. The concert, is taking place on the 25th of June 2022, and will showcase Namibian artists across various genres and venues throughout the capital city.

Some of the artists on the line up include Lioness, Skrypt, Twasis, Ixa and Ethnix.
The venue list includes Bix car Wash, The Catch, Experience, XS Lounge, Brewers Market.

“We have designated different sets to expected crowds at those different venues and even the artists, DJs and MCs are designed for those venues are placed with respect to the expected type of crowd per venue so no one should feel left out,” expresses Gazza.

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Amis Day Club brings us “Paint Therapy”

Amis Day Club is known for its amazing day events. Filled with young people just out to live life. Now, they’ve introduced a new series to their range of events. They are calling it “Paint Therapy”. Sounds fun right?

“PAINT THERAPY” is a social event aimed at bringing
a medley of young people in the Windhoek Arts & Culture scene together.

A place for all those who partake in the arts, enthusiasts at large and those who just want to catch a different vibe.

Follow them on Instagram to see how you can attend too.

Neighbourhood Market

I hope the weather is nicer but I love markets so much I can’t miss this! So this is where you’ll find me on Saturday afternoon.

It starts at 2 pm, is child and pet friendly and has live music. What more can a girl ask for? See you there, pls.

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