The Business Hub: Women in Business

Growing up I was raised by a resourceful and business minded set of parents. My father despite his day job as an architect still worked the garden after-hours and would sell his produce over the weekends at the local market. That was the money he would spend on household costs and save up his salary, while my mom was a teacher but also made and sold traditional butters and sauces.

Varsity 101: Maintaining Relationships

Rena Stephanus

Human interactions are vital and this does not stop when you get into university. I once read somewhere that the friends you make in university will become your friends forever. I agree with this statement as through my years of studying I have met wonderful people, I have created relationships that are based on more than just academics and interactions when the semester breaks are over.


September is career month! It’s such a coincidence that this month, the leading Etiquette and Protocol School – Washington School of Protocol declared 7th September 2018 to be the “Bring Your Manners to Work” Day. According to their website, this was a day to remind people of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect in the workplace. Let’s extend that day to a whole month as we tackle the issue of open plan offices!