By Joan Mbago

The world of fashion is constantly changing,  from designer to street style inspo , even to your favorite Instagram influencer feeds. Needless to say it can be quite difficult to comprehend and find new items to incorporate into your wardrobe. So whether you are into trends or simply just looking for new items/style for your winter closet, here are some of the few trends we will be rocking this season.

Oversized Tailoring

Forget about slim fits, neatly and closely fitted clothing wear – If there is any trend we are following through this winter is oversized everything. It is all about bringing out your baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats/jackets , oversized blazers/suits you name it and if worn rightly, oversized tailoring  allows you to make a statement.  So a definite YAY to this trend.

2.   The Balaclava

Currently trending as one of the most fashion item to be worn in 2022, the Balaclava also knowns as a Helmet or Ski Musk is the present stylish and perfect winter accessory as well as trend to own.   Its ability to come in different shapes, designs, sizes and colors, allows you to purchase a bunch, help elevate each look of the day and have you worrying less about the cold hitting your face.  Seen and worn by your faves, Balaclavas range from Hooded Balaclavas , Neck Warmer Balaclava , Half Face , Balaclavas, 2-3 Hole Balaclavas and so forth. Are you giving this one a try? Let me know.

3.    Maze Combat Boots

Can’t seem to possibly miss out OR forget about these boots, the Maze Combat boots are what is currently a must have winter wardrobe at the moment. Possibly available in most near by clothing stores a, it is fair enough to conclude and say that this trend will last and carry you throughout the winter season .  Yay to Maze combat boots?

4.   Knit Wear

This is the one trend that we have grown to love. The Knitwear category is endless ranging from scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, to turtlenecks , leggings, and dresses. This  comfy style has never not been pleasant.


Let us know of other trends you are rocking this winter season.

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