We asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter what you don’t want to see this summer and you all came through with your list of items. We had a good laugh at some of your concerns.

So we’ve rounded up a few clothing items you should definitely factor in this summer whether you are keeping up with the trends or not.  In this article we are talking about “Dress Trousers/Tailored Pants”

Dress pants are perfect for the office but can also be worn casually. They are versatile and go with almost anything. You can dress them up for work, events or dress them down for errands, day-time events etc. Go for a breathable and light fabric that won’t have you sweating.

Here are our favourite ways to style them:

With a crop top

We already said it but our favourite part about dress trousers is that you can wear them up or down. Pairing them with a crop top gives you a cool and fun edge.  Sexy, if you opt for even cuter crop tops.

With a graphic/Plain Tee

This is look is perfect for when you have things to get done in town or at the mall. It’s comfortable and easy. You can also swap the sandals for sneakers. Or the cap for a hat.  This look is like throwing on a maxi dress but with pants. Lol

Take this look, add heels and a belt and it’s the perfect work outfit. See below some inspo by Namibian stylist Penehafo Vaeta. 

With a classic dress shirt

Go for a classy look by pairing your trousers with a classic shirt, tuck it all in or leave one side hanging depending on your style. They would both slay! 

With a bodysuit

Dress your trousers up for date night or an evening of catchup with your girls by pairing them with a sexy body suit.


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