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The thing is about growing up, you are consistently evolving. You are shedding the parts of you that no longer look like you. Growing the parts of you that need work. You are evolving into the best version of yourself. That version of you, the best version, will require work, plenty of sacrifices, some awful tears as you work the areas that are hard to get rid of and then some more tears. There too, are beautiful moments, the ones where you turn your dreams into a reality, the times when you challenge yourself and succeed. There are beautiful moments and some not so beautiful. That is life and it is bittersweet, but it is to be lived.

As you evolve, some character traits change, some evolve, some are changed, and before you know it, you are no longer the person you were five years ago and you have to relearn the things that are true about you. There was once a time you loved to drink Jack Daniels with lime, today, you cannot stomach the thought. Every now and then, you have to take time out to reflect on who you are, what you have become and what is true about you.

Here are 10 things that are true about me. Off the top of my head without thinking about it too much.

I am an introvert

This comes as a shock to many people, because upon encountering me, the assumption is I am an extrovert. I absolutely despise crowds, I do not like festivals and the thought of clubs every weekend makes me cringe. I love intimate moments, shared with people I care about and even then, I can only take it for two hours at most and then I want to be alone again. I am happiest when I’m at home, watching movies, in the comfort of my own company. 

I love skin care routines

Listen, self-care Tuesdays are a tradition that dates back two years. I love time spent applying face peel creams and just moisturizing my skin. It is the best form of self-care, because let’s face it, my skin and face is the one thing I have for life. I take care of it and enjoy every second of it.

I cannot go anywhere without hand cream and lip gloss

I don’t like ashy skin and I cannot stand the thought of cracked lips. I have approximately 10 lip glosses that lie around strategically. In the kitchen, in the car, on the bedroom table, in my handbags, literally each handbag has its own lip gloss. I shall not be caught slacking; lip gloss is always an arm reach away.

I would rather die then let you see me in cornrows

First of all, have you ever seen a lady with the cornrows under her wig. Listen, I am not talking about the day after she had them retouched, no honey!! I am talking about two weeks in, as she removes her wig and looks like her true, authentic, natural self. I am not about that life, unless you are my family, lifetime friend or the mirror, I said no! You ain’t seeing me like that. 

I love sleep

Now, look, there are three things better than sleep and that is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Other than that, you do not measure close to the love I have for sleep. I nap religiously, during lunch, between shows, before I watch a movie after I watch a movie, after church… look, I NAP!

I love cooking

This is a place of solace. When I cook, I get lost in the process, in my thoughts and in the creation of an amazing meal. It is literally therapy. I cook, to show love, basically if I cook for you, know that you hold a place in my heart, because I pour myself into my dishes. 

I live for a day at the spa

See, there is something about a day spent relaxing, from a massage, to a dip in the pool and to a nap in the jacuzzi. Sweetheart, it is amazing. I kid you not, everyone deserves a spa day at least 4 times a year. You work hard, you earned it, take it. 


Hello captain obvious. No really, I can talk on and on. I can literally never run of things to speak about, I have an overactive imagination that is constantly going a hundred miles an hour and I simply cannot make it stop, so my mouth follows suit. 

I hate wearing makeup 

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if they invented a machine that does two things, one, it allows me to sleep while it pastes makeup on my face and two, allows me to sleep while it washes off the makeup, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I hate the process of applying makeup and the process of taking it off. It is a whole job! You will catch me bear face every chance I get, because ain’t nobody got time for all that DRAMA and work of getting a face beat. ISSALOT! 

I am DEEPLY Christian

This is something I guard with all my heart. I do not particularly enjoy letting people into my personal space. Least of all, areas I deem highly. I have a habit of keeping things I hold closely very secret, because I feel they are personal. My relationship with God is one of those. I am deeply Christian, I consult God on everything and anything. I speak to Him daily and rely on Him heavily. 

We said random, so I had to list those off the top of my head. Now, you try it. Think of 10 random things about you that are true. Make them random and make them fun! Be sure to email me – 10 random things that are true about me –


Come on, try it. It will be FUN!


Happy writing. 


With Love



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