Contemporary Namibia is alive and well, as brands continue to come up with exciting products that embody Namibian culture and modernisation.

Couture by Kim has done that a number of times, this time they have put out a new range of shoes – the print  is what’s getting us going! 

Introducing The Safari Leather Slippers by CBK

The safari by CBK leather slippers are inspired by the Namibian rock art, it contains different motifs from different known areas in Namibia with the rock art like , Waterberg – The White Lady, Twyfelfontein and Spitzkoppe. Safari By CBK creates and designs garments inspired by Namibian culture and heritage.

This uni-sex leather slippers represent the Khoisan people who were the first people in Namibia, moving from one place to another and uses rock art as part of communication and to inform others on what could be found in that area. They are known for leather garments and as hunters and gatherers.

The safari by CBK Unisex Leather Slippers can be purchased on their website.
Or by contacting them on 081 373 6191 

Find them on socials  @couture_by_kim


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