By Joan Mbago

As individuals, we often have our preferred style of fashion or at least footwear. What I might consider appealing or attractive enough to wear, might just not be of your taste and all, BUT the real question is, can you really survive without a pair of white sneakers?


As we all know, shoes are like accessories. They add the last touch to your outfit. They can either elevate or demote your entire look.  The list of designs, colours and shapes are endless, but the right pair of white sneakers will go  about with anything.


White sneakers have become popular overtime. In the streets, campuses and workspaces. Literally everyone I know owns a pair of white sneakers. They just make it easy for styling purposes and when I say “easy” I mean you can decide to wear a dress, shorts, pants and they’d effortlessly fall or rather compliment the entire outfit.  They look good on anyone. Talk about not trying too hard. Talk about not forcing things. Lol


Lastly, white sneakers will also never go out of  fashion. They can be styled/worn anywhere. They are vacation friendly for all outfits planned and the most fun part is that basic white sneakers are super affordable. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a pair of sneakers next time be sure to include at least one or two pairs of white sneakers into your cart. You surely won’t regret it.


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