Health & Fitness


The Perfect Oatmeal Breakfast

By Sevelinus Kalembela

Why eat the same old, plain, boring  oatmeal when there are different ways to prepare it? Oatmeal has so many health benefits for your body and it’s a must-have for a filling, appetizing, and flavourful breakfast. Make sure your mornings are enjoyable and nutritious by adding this hearty food to your breakfast menu, and best of all it is cheaper and does not take long to make. In this article we will explore different ways to prepare and incorporate oatmeal to your breakfast list.

Fitness, Wellness and Happy Hormones

By Hilma.L.Inkono

When it comes to fitness and wellness, most people are aware that exercising is good for one’s health, however intentionally implementing physical activity into one’s routine is an entirely different battle on its own.  Having the motivation and discipline to regularly break a sweat regardless of your body type, is a recurring choice you have to constantly make, which is easier said than done. Nonetheless, there are endless benefits to working out, whereby improvements can be seen in the physical, mental and social realm of one’s life, to mention a few.

So, to set us off into the world of physical wellness, I reached out to two fitness enthusiasts with completely different styles of working out.