After years of being exclusively available online, KOVA has taken a bold step forward by opening its very own store. Located in a prime location, the KOVA store is a haven for leather enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike. It’s a place where customers can touch, feel, and experience the beauty of KOVA’s creations up close.

In 2017, a dream that had been in the making for years finally saw the light of day when Petrina Auino-Mwandingi gave birth to KOVA, a brand that celebrates the essence of leather. KOVA, derived from the Oshiwambo word ‘onkova,’ meaning leather, is a testament to the timelessness and organic beauty of this remarkable material. With a fusion of minimalistic design, quality craftsmanship, and affordability, KOVA has made its mark on the world of leather goods. And now, the brand has taken a significant leap forward by opening its very own store, offering customers an opportunity to experience their creations firsthand.

The store is not just a place to shop; it’s an immersive experience. From the earthy scent of fine leather to the aesthetic display of their products, the KOVA store is a celebration of craftsmanship and artistry. Customers can explore the entire range of KOVA products, from handbags and wallets to belts and accessories, all under one roof.

In addition to shopping, the KOVA store also offers a glimpse into the brand’s journey. It tells the story of how a love for the simple things in life and an appreciation for the organic beauty of leather can transform into an inspiring and successful brand.

KOVA’s design philosophy revolves around the concept of minimalism, a design style that champions the idea of “less is more.” In an era where excess and extravagance often dominate the market, KOVA takes a refreshing approach. Their products are designed to be clean, elegant, and functional.

Every item is a masterpiece of quality craftsmanship. KOVA takes pride in using the finest, sustainably-sourced leather, which is carefully handcrafted into beautiful, enduring pieces. The dedication to quality ensures that each item is not just a fashion statement but a lifetime companion.

As KOVA’s doors swing open, they invite you to share in their passion for leather, minimalism, quality, and affordability. The KOVA store is not just a shopping destination; it’s an invitation to experience life’s simple pleasures in the form of finely crafted leather goods.

So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, don’t miss the chance to visit the KOVA store. It’s more than just a shopping trip; it’s a journey into the heart and soul of a brand that’s redefining the world of leather luxury, one minimalistic masterpiece at a time.

📍 65 – 73 Independence Avenue, Arno Henker Haus, Opposite City of Windhoek.
Store Hours: 🗓️ Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 🗓️ Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
To view their catalogue visit their website here
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