We’ve had a multiple emails come in this year re: internship opportunities at Monochrome Magazine. So we’ve decided to look into it and design a program that works for both you and us.

Our aim for the program is to host young creators and writers for 3 months, introduce them to the industry and how it works, offer practical skills and send them into the world with some skills, knowledge and experience.

In turn creators would bring fresh ideas and value to the magazine.

We intend to work directly with UNAM’s Visual Arts Department as well The College of The Arts. We know industry related attachments are necessary in preparing students for the real world. We’re here to help you build your portfolio and introduce you to key industry players, markets and potential employers.

We are also extending the opportunity to creatives who are not at any of these institutions who wish to intern for the magazine.

Please note that this internship is unpaid. Should that change, we will inform you, as we believe in paying creatives for their work. We are working strongly on turning Unpaid to Paid. 

If interested, continue reading, as we have identified different posts you can apply for.

Social Media Intern

Are you social media savvy? Know the latest social media trends. We are looking for someone to assist in:

  • Posting and managing our social media platforms
  • Drive Traffic to website
  • Come up content ideas for social media


  • Must have an iPhone
  • Must be familiar with Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, TikTok is an added advantage
  • Must be tech savvy
  • Must know and be familiar with design and video editing apps

To apply, send your Instagram handle as well as a one minute video of you introducing yourself, share why you’d like to intern for Monochrome Magazine and what you’d you’d like to gain from it. Send to betty@monochromemagazine.net.  Your subject should read  “Internship: Social Media”.


We’ve divided the writer’s program to 3 parts. Please indicate which category you are applying for.


  • Should be interested in fashion and fashion writing
  • Be up to date with trends


  • Should be interested in Beauty
  • Be up to date with trends


  • Should be keen to write about anything under lifestyle, from travel, to food, home & living etc

To apply, write an article ( 1 page word doc) of your choice from your chosen category and send to betty@monochromemagazine.net.

Include your details in the email as well as the category you are applying for. Your subject should read  “Internship: Writer”.

Content Creators

Are you great in front of the camera? Or behind it? Into photography/videography?

We are looking for people to assist in the making and creating of our content; IG TVs, Reels, Tik Toks, YouTube videos.

  • Aspiring Photographers
  • Aspiring Videographers
  • Aspiring YouTubers/Presenters/Influencers
  • Aspiring Content Creators

To apply, send your Instagram handle one where we can see your work, as well as a one minute video of you introducing yourself, share why you’d like to intern for Monochrome Magazine and what you’d you’d like to gain from it. Send to betty@monochromemagazine.net.  

Your subject should read  “Internship: Content Creator”.

Applications for the first intake closes Monday, 8 March 2021. 

Internship starts 15 March 2021 and ends 15 June 2021.


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