It’s been a while since we style stalked someone. We’ve just been super busy okay?! 

Anyway, let’s get into it.

If we asked you who the best dressed DJ in Namibia is? Who would you say? Well we’d like to nominate Tumi Mohamed aka @dooged on IG.

He wears suits, pink and beanies. Need we say more? Actually let’s just show you.

1. That time he wore a red suit 


2. That time he wore a suit again but a yellow one with a yellow beanie AND shoes. You know we love a monochrome moment!


3. That time he had a photoshoot with newspaper background wearing  brown. Another mono moment. 

4. That time he was all swagged out in the desert 

Basically, we love Tumi’s style because it is modern, fresh and clean. The fits are well put together and you can tell he pays attention to detail.

Not only is he fashionable, he’s great on the decks too. So he’s definitely on our Best-Dressed DJs list. Who is on yours? 

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