It is not just casting a vote!

By Rena Stephanus

A generation cut short, I am speaking of uncles, aunts and even elders whom are no longer in our presence because this generation was born into a system that saw them as less, the pigment that they possessed was a curse, if only they had straight hair, if maybe they turned red when their skin was kissed by the blazing African sun, maybe they would have been treated better. 

Is being opinionated a bad thing?

By Rena Stephanus

It has been over almost two hours and we were still running back and forth with the discussion, we couldn’t quite seem to come to an agreement but little did we know that we were creating an audience. Opinionated people are known to be people who bring off their views as factual, most opinionated people have a vast knowledge on issues. 

Adulting 101: Fear

By Rautia Nakanyala

This week has been the hardest week in a very long time to be African; to be a foreigner; to be a woman and to be me. Life was showing us flames from the South to the West. As I write this, I have an urge to scream out loud or switch off my phone and disappear until the world feels warm again. 

Men are Trash: For Dummies

By Mavis Braga

I was in a room filled with three men and two women. Three men so oblivious to their privilege that they felt that they could argue why men are not trash. The argument went back and forth as they argued hook, line and sinker as to why men are not trash. Statements such as not all men, flew in the air. Statements such as – if you say all men are trash, are you including your father, brothers and male friends. Statements such as – when speaking about rape culture, can we for a second also talk about the precaution’s women do not take.