Weekly Horoscope: Monday 2 November – Sunday 8 November

This week starts off with an aspect from last week square Saturn which will shadow us all week. This is because even though Mercury moves fast so transits are usually fast however this week (Tue, 3) Mercury finally goes direct (yay!) which means this aspect will be repeating itself. Last week both Mercury and Saturn were in retrograde which means this stressful and frustrating aspect was more internalized however now that Mercury is direct we can communicate these frustrations. Expect projects that have delayed in the last 3 weeks to have some fresh energy, enough to bring it back to life, suddenly and promptly however, be wary because Mercury is still in his shadow which means there is still a tinge of chaos in the air. But, on the other side of the full moon we are in a better position to pick up what we struggled with last week.

Weekly Horoscope: Monday 5 October – Sunday 11 October 2020

This week we are all reeling back from the full moon in Aries on Friday, October 1st. Frustrations in relation to our drive, our wants and needs and what is keeping us from them, these themes will be playing out for the next week. Have you been respecting your physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual boundaries? If not you are currently experiencing a form of backlash, most likely in the form of odd aches and pains in your body where you are pushing yourself. How can you build structures that support your drive without overwhelming yourself? You have a limit for a reason. We have Venus transiting Virgo so we are supported in implementing these realizations in a soft but still effective way. It is worth noting that we have a blue moon this month which means we will have TWO full moons in the month of October, one was on the 1st at 9˚ Aries and the second on 31st October at 8˚ Taurus.