Skincare or any sort of care related to beauty is mostly associated with women, however, men need it just as much.

There are some local skincare brands making their rounds, however it doesn’t seem like a lot of Namibian men are getting involved. Look I understand how overwhelming your girlfriend’s skincare collection might be, but yours doesn’t necessarily have to depict that. Lucky for you, there are 3 basic ABC’S OF SKINCARE FOR MEN:

1. Allow the cleanliness

When it comes to your skin and body, it’s important to cleanse on a regular. Washing your face twice a day will do you all the favors you need. Cleanse your face in the morning and at night before you sleep. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be intense – Wash your face with an ideal gentle cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type to get rid of any accumulated bacteria. Repeating this step at night before you sleep, guarantees amazing benefits. Knowing what skin type you have also determines what type of cleanser you should use, be it for your face or body.

Speaking to our Mono Cover star, music sensation DJ CASTRO on set recently, he advises that Men should get into formation with caring for their skin and image in general. “I don’t necessarily have a skin care routine, but I bath twice daily. Water has been holding me down, but my go to moisturizer for my face  is Johnson’s baby oil.”

MonoTip: Always cleanse in the AM & PM

2. Be extra careful with exfoliation

We know that washing your face and body is not the only care it needs. It also needs some TLC to get rid of the dead skin cells that build up throughout the day. A great organic way to exfoliate is by using a face scrub for your face and a body scrub for your body. However, be extra careful with the application of your scrub and the motion you use, as it can cause irritation to the skin. The best time to scrub is twice weekly. Let’s say Monday for that fresh skin for the week and Friday for even fresher skin to get into the weekend. I know that there’s chemical peels and exfoliants, but if you’d like to try those, I’d advise you to consult a dermatologist bearing in mind what type of skin you have.

MonoTip: Pay careful attention to the characteristics of your skin e.g. is it oily? Does it have dry patches? Or is it simply just normal? This will give you an idea of what type of skin you have and it saves you a cute coin-knowing that you don’t have to break the bank by buying products that are not compatible with your skin type.

3. Calculate your moisture intake

Moisturization in general is one of my favorite activities. It’s equivalent to your skin drinking water. Look gents I know it might be hard to keep up with all of that, but I mean applying lotion to your body and forgetting about your face is just unacceptable at this point. Different moisturizers for different skin types exist and it’s just good manners to get with the program. As much as your beard needs moisture, so does your face. Apply your moisturizer in the AM before you leave the house and in the PM after that steaming gym session, after you showered of course. A pea sized amount on your index finger is more than enough, but I would advise to top up with a little more product at night since your skin helps repair itself- so meet it halfway my brother(s).

MonoTip: Whenever you choose a moisturizer, always opt for one that has sun protection in it. At least SPF30+ and this can also apply to your body lotion.

We recently did a poll on social media based on Men & their relationship with skincare, 70% of the men that interacted with us said that their problem lies with consistency. I recommend that you try to challenge yourself and use our basic ABC’s of skincare just for 3 good weeks. If you are happy with results, carry on with that consistent behavior and if you are unhappy with the results, add 3 more weeks.

We have a variety of stores around that sell affordable skin care, as a matter of fact we also have local skincare brands like Kiyomisandz and Chrisla Essentials that retail products for a decent price. So do good and let that coin circulate locally [wink wink].

Good skin and the caring of it is just as important as shaving your hair, trimming your beard and that fire outfit you love to put on.


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