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Mono & Me: You need to stop WISHING

There is something about being in your twenties that puts an immense pressure on you. It is as though you are fast walking in a race and no matter how much you try to run, you cannot seem to get yourself to do more than a minute worth of running. It leaves you feeling exhausted. You try to pace yourself and walk at a speed that allows you to still be in the race, but it feels like for every minute you walk, at least 15 people have passed you. You try to convince yourself – own race, own pace – but the truth is, for every person who surpasses you, you feel a great surge of angst and anxiety. 

That’s BS: 3 Reasons why I don’t wear colour

Once upon a time (last year), I was having a conversation about my wardrobe’s colour palette with Sekai from The Red Shelf.

Why do I only wear blacks and greys, do I own any coloured clothing? Would I consider wearing colour? And and and…

She in the end challenged me to wear colour, at least for one week. I thought about doing it but couldn’t bring myself to it.

We met again this year and she said it again. This time I took up the challenge and decided on when I’d do it.