Ever walked into your office and it just feels welcoming and refreshing but right when you get to your work space, it’s so dull that you start questioning the little knowledge on interior design you always thought you had?

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Ask yourself these questions, Is your work space comfortable? Is it pleasant? Do you feel secure and confident? Does your space help you remain calm? Is it peaceful? these are questions that Sally Augustin, a design/environmental psychologist once asked in her article “Make Your Cubicle a Better Work Place” she wrote for Harvard Business Review.

So if you do not feel any of these things then clearly you need to change up things around your work space. You should keep in mind that there aren’t really hard and/or fast rules for personalizing your work space. We are all different and unique which means you can be spontaneous and as creative as you like.

In order to achieve the desired look you want for your work space, we’ll tell you how you can achieve it with these 5 cute ways.

  • Add wallpaper on your walls, bright and colorful fabric or any other covering you can imagine being on your walls.

  • Add a little life. Great example is a small, long life and low maintenance plant. They remove pollutants from the air and release oxygen so how refreshing is that. You may add fresh flowers regularly if you do not want that kind of commitment or even a small fishbowl, with live fish in it if you want to go big with this transformation.

  • Get colorful office stationary. Instead of the boring black, white or grey staplers and punches get color popping ones for a more inviting atmosphere and visual attraction to your work space.

  • Use pleasing accessories to display your personality. You’ll not believe what a vase, small sculpture or framed inspirational quotes can add to your space and give you calming comfort.

  • Tell a story, any story but make sure it is your story. Where you are from, the people in your life, what you like and to achieve this is, you can frame photos of your family, favorite places and other people or things you love or admire this is the ultimate personalisation of your work space.

We hope this few tips will help do wonders for your energy level, job satisfaction and performance. Also, these simple and creative cute ways are low cost.

So, have fun doing it and enjoy.

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