For many of us, work doesn’t end at 17h00 and working on your bed, sofa or dining table is never really ideal. Creating a home office is always the better solution than spending money at a café or restaurant. You just need to create a space that allows you to be productive and lets you create your best work.

For that we speak to biomedical student, interior deco consultant and owner of EdHomeDeco, Edwigh Hauwanga. She chats to us about  her passion for Interior Design as well as how to create that perfect home office.

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Professionally a blood transfusion scientist working for our national blood service, 25 year old Edwigh Hauwanga is a God-fearing extrovert who identifies herself as a daughter, sister, friend and most importantly a child of God.

I must say I’m not really a hard worker but definitely an achiever. I am passionate about beautiful interior spaces… Edwigh

Talk to us about your passion for Interior Deco?

 My passion for interior deco/ design started from a very young age. I have always loved beautiful spaces. As I grew up, I found myself interested more in purchasing a pair of curtains or a scatter cushions rather than a pair of heels. When renovations went on at home, I got so excited picking out tiles and being in a building material shop felt more like a kid in a candy shop. I would also purchase monthly issues of deco and design magazines such as home owner and house and garden instead of fashion magazines. I just love beautiful interiors.

When and how did you get into the industry? 

I am a qualified biomedical scientist, that’s what I studied. I have no formal training in interior decoration at all. I just woke up one day and decided this is my passion and I should do something about it. I registered my company EdHomeDeco, did a whole lot of research on the market, suppliers and installers and started offering my services to family and friends. My very first project was a makeover on beyond beauty salon. I selected paint, installed wallpaper, window treatments and upholstered some chairs for them and it all came together perfectly. Took pictures and posted on social networks and the rest is history.

How’s that going?

It must be going well, I mean here I am doing a feature for Monochrome magazine… lol…Jokes. Well it’s still growing, I mean I am still juggling two jobs…LOL. Everyday is a learning process and I am extremely grateful for every client.

Talk to us about your company?

My company EdHomeDeco is an interior deco/ design consultation company. It’s a one man show for now. We offer interior decoration consultation services: import and install wallpaper, import fabrics for window treatments, soft cushioning and upholstery, furniture and accessories (rugs, throws, scatter cushions) sourcing. Basically if you have a problem decorating your space, call us.


Your favourite part about your job?

Wow, I love everything about it. The whole process from meeting with potential clients to installing and completing a project. It is so rewarding.

Favourite projects?

My favourite project must be a bedroom I did for a client in the north (village). It was a new building and the interior design was just perfect, perfect flooring and lighting. He sent me a picture of his empty room with only a bed and I brought everything together from just looking at the picture. I had the freedom of picking out almost everything from the curtains to the side bed pedestals and lamps. It all came together perfectly!!!


Favourite colours schemes?

Grey, grey and more grey. I love using grey as my base color for walls and curtains and then splashing other colors on it on smaller things like the deco accessories.

Dream project?

Every project is a dream project, I currently work on small home projects and I am just grateful I am able to carry out my passion. I would love to work on a baby nursery soon though. The thought of soft pastel colors and soft fabric textures I can use on such a project is driving me crazy.

Plans for the future?

Well I would like to extend my services into interior design and interior architecture where i would deal with the interior structures such as ceilings, lighting, joinery ect. I also want to see myself tackling big projects such as hotels or office buildings but all in God’s timing. I am really not in a hurry; I understand I have to go through a period of preparation for greater things!!!

For those that dream of getting into this industry, any advice?

Well first things first, you must be passionate about this, formal training would be an advantage but you need to have an eye this. Be prepared to put in a lot of time doing research, read magazines, books, search the internet get to know what your are getting yourself into. Do not be afraid to ask those that came before you, I correspond with South African interior professionals that own their own businesses simply because the interior industry that side is BIG. Be willing to learn and have patience, do not rush the process.

Most importantly:

Proverbs16:3 says, “commit your works to the Lord and He shall establish your plans” PRAY.

Ideal office-edw.jpg

Thinking about creating one? Read on. Edwig tells us how.

Creating the ideal home office 

Firstly one has to establish why you need a home office and what your primary use is for it. We want home offices for different reasons, studies, business or office work we bring home. Make the office your own and ensure that it reflects on your personality, don’t just copy and paste from interior deco magazines and sites. After all it’s your space. It should be functional; you should actually be able to make use of it. Most importantly it should be inspiring and motivating. Here are my 5 steps to creating the perfect home office

  1. Determine the location– find a suitable place in your home to set up your home office. Some homes come with an extra room you can designate for an office some don’t. You can use an extra bedroom, instead of having a guest room for example; you can have a home office. You can also us a corner of one of other rooms already in use. For example I used a corner in my living area.
  2. Furniture- You need a good desk, a good chair and storage furniture such as drawers. I am so crazy about floating shelves, they so stylish but yet useful. You can use them for your books, files or even display cute pictures in frames or ornaments. You can throw in a one seater couch if you see clients at your office time to time. Keep the furnishing to a minimal; only get furniture you really need. Don’t go put a bed there now…. LOL
  3. Equipment- I’m not really a techno junkie, I use my mobile phone for EVERYTHING but I have my laptop that I use time to time for quotes and so forth. Some people will need a PC, tab, telephone, fax machine, photo copier and printer (I use printing shops…LOL). Determine whether all those equipment are really necessary; be careful not to clutter up your desk.
  4. Lighting- Ensure that the office has adequate lighting, after all you need to see in order to work. Consider stationing the office near a window for natural light. A stylish lamp is a MUST. Dull and dark rooms are depressing
  5. Make it beautiful- here’s your chance to throw in something completely useless but beautiful. Nice little ornaments, a flower vase with fresh flowers of cause or nice wall decals. Get a piece that you just wanna stare at even when you walk by just because you can. It can be a beautiful painting or a portrait of your family, spoil yourself on this one.


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