Just like your sound, finding your fashion style as an artist is really important. Some may say your image is more important than your music. That, your image IS your brand. Singer, songwriter, actress and poet Lize Ehlers may have mastered that. Always donning gorgeous statement pieces and noteworthy hairstyles (FAVE: blonde braids) complimenting her beautiful spirited musical soul. Lize lets us in on how she did it.

Read on, it may help YOU find YOUR style, whether you’re an artist or not.

…your style is your brand and ultimately your brand determines the demographic of your supporters. – Lize Ehlers

How would you describe your style?

+ Lize Ehlers loves timeless, personal pieces. My style respects a time from way before and a time that is still to come. “Ancestrally Modern”

How did you find your style as an artist?

+ I found my style growing up seeing what works for my body and my mind.

My style speaks for my vision and my brand, which is all about being a sophisticated wild fire.

Who or what did you look at as inspiration?

I always look at my (now late) mother who never left the house without a string of pearls. I just do my own version of never leaving the house without one statement piece that speaks of my personality.

What is your go-to-style?

A pair of great jeans, good white tee, heels and oversized jacket is my staple. Or a kimono dress – it never lets you down.

What are you most obsessed with right now? 

I love hats, beanies, glasses and little things like henna hands & face jewelz (Indian Fashion) and my oversized Tag Heuer watch. I am never seen without my beloved wedding ring.

What’s your favourite item in your closet right now? 

I am obsessed with my oversized CSquared Coat. I can literally live in it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.36.09 AM.png

Who is your style icon?

Samantha Jones from Sex In The City – I adore her bold incredible looks. Actually the entire wardrobe of the cast – yes – I said it.


*we totally see it

What do you build your outfit around?

How I feel. But if the pants fit well – I know the rest is easy, my favourite perfume and the right shoes for the occasion – is a foundation for success and glamorous comfort.

Do you work with a stylist?

I take fashion advise from my 8 year old daughter Lua. She is incredibly honest.

How important is it to find your own style as an artist?

It is imperative, because your style is your brand and ultimately your brand determines the demographic of your supporters.

What do you think is the best way to go about it?

In 2016 – I do so many different genre’s of music that it is so much fun to go into alter ego’s like my current obsession of being MoKaZaLu Ma – a chanting, howling, yodeling wolf-woman on stage – hence the braids, henna and barefoot floatiness. But it is a great journey to get to know yourself. There is a dress for every occasion, just know who you are and at what stage you are that version of yourself. Explore and find what you respect and crave and show it in your work, fashion and life.

Are you ever dressed down? Like in sweats only?

😀 I love sweats when I am going to the gym, doing shopping, attending to the kids school or afternoon events – but I always throw a statement jacket or scarf or something that says “SHE IS SOMEBODY” over it. I have to, otherwise it wouldn’t be me.

Do you have any ideas about what you are wearing to the NAMAs?

It is a toss up between super modern simplicity or a vintage statement piece – it might just be both. Will keep it a surprise.

Do you have a local favourite designer?

My favourite and personal designer is Melissa Poulton. You will always find me in her gorgeous clothes.

How do you feel about fashion in Namibia? 

I think fashion in Namibia can be wilder and more extravagant – like when I rock up at a soccer match in a Swakara coat – other mums go: She is the singer… I just smile and wave and scream my lungs out for my boy Zappa to score the goal!

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