We are uber excited about our new project. We cannot even hold it in anymore.

You see, it gets really tiring when you work and work but don’t get recognition for it. In Namibia, it’s actually discouraging. There aren’t any platforms that do that. Especially for our industry. This is why we have decided to create said platform.

However,  we are going to need help from everyone.

The Monochrome Industry Fashion Awards will be a platform that recognises and applauds contributors of the Namibian Fashion Industry. With the first show/event set for this time next year. 2017 will be the year we scout for every talent Namibia has to offer.

Towards the end of the year, after we have all worked our butts off, a panel will nominate a number of industry players who will be up for voting.

Members of the public will be able to vote for 2 months prior to the award ceremony.

As mentioned before the ceremony will be this time next year. So the game actually begins.


Here are the categories:

  •  Fashion Designer of the year
  •  Photographer of the year
  •  Stylist of the year
  •  Make-up artist/Beauty brand of the year
  •  Fashion brand of the year
  •  Most stylish female personality
  •  Most stylish male personality
  •  Blogger of the year
  •  Fashion influencer of the year
  •  Fashionista of the year
  •  Male Model of the year
  • Female Model of the year


Lit right? We think so.

Social media campaign to launch soon, have a look out!







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