Sister Sister- written and performed by Beauty Boois, Spoken Word, March 2017.

I never had teddy bears or lullabies

Just my sister’s nose pressed up against my neck and in my hair

“You smell like a baby” she said


One of the first sentences I can remember…

Simple words spoken softly, sweetly, slowly.

Better than any bedtime story –

she was the one to put me to bed

And just as the sun rises every morning

without fail or falter, question or hesitation , She was there…


Her love shining me up like gold and awakening the very core of my soul

See, for years and years I thought she hated me ’cause she kinda bullied me

But now I see what she had foreseen is that it takes bullshit and manure for roses to grow…


Taught me how to knit and sow,

how to cook and bake,

not be fake Or take any shit from any man,

how to ride…bikes!

And stand up for myself and get up after a fall

And even though she stood tall above me, she called me your highness

Cause it takes the opening of a third eye to understand a love story so complex

More complex than that of Romeo and Juliet

The type of love that grows you, that knows you,

that shows you the way when you feel lost

And I’ll find my way back and break into any dungeon to save – you know,

…like Pocahontas and John Smith

Use 1000 elephants and spend 20 years building the Taj Mahal for you type of love


That, I get choked up but when I see you I can breath, type of love

That, I see you smiling, sitting in the front row when I’m on stage type of love

Running the city like Cleopatra and Antony type of love…

That, I love you like a brother but I’d never hurt like Cain did Abel type of love

That, stay winning like Venus and Serena type of love

That, forever twinning like Tia and Tamara type of love

That, I will snatch and drag anybody who disrespects you by the edges type of love

That, run the world like Michelle and Barack Obama type of love…

That, I’m sweating, can you bring me some deo to the club type of love?!

That, please loan me 50 bux “I’ll pay you back” but I never do and

you act like you forget type of love…


That, sssshhhhh, I broke curfew, don’t tell anybody type of love,

That, promote my yoga business like you own it type of love,

That Sunday lunch with beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes – YOU NAME IT,

type of love That, we broke the front window, don’t tell mom.

That, he broke my heart and you let me cry in your bed.

That, you are the second mother to my son,

And your daughter is my child  And all your snap chat stories are about me,

And the future don’t mean nothing without we,

And I pray for you more then I do me,

And I’ve run out of rhymes and lines to explain this love; but you get it type of love…


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