We need to make changes if we want to have huge impacts on our personal wellness and to stay sane especially for those who work from home.  If you started going to the gym, kudos to you. Started making healthier meal choices , *thumbs up. For those who joined a zumba, yoga, twerk or any body building  club, we commend you.

It just does not end there. Your work space can also help you continue adding value to your personal wellness.


Here’s how you can have a more ergonomic and healthier workspace:

Make sure you are seated on the right chair

The right chair helps with your posture. It helps eliminate headaches and also helps avoid neck and shoulder problems. . The right height also contributes to a better posture.

Your desktop/screen should be at an appropriate distance and a suitable size

We are glued to our screens half of the day if not the entire day. This may result in damaging your eye sight if you are not at a reasonable distance or when your desktop and or screen is not the right size. Try asking your optometrist for bifocals eye wear which provide clear distance and near vision when using your computer. You can also try blinking  as often as you can and adjust your screens lighting.

Get ergonomic accessories

Not sure what ergonomic means. Well, its really just a fancier word for biotechnology. These are items/objects desiged and arranged to interact more efficiently and safely with us. Items/objects such as laptop stands-to keep your screen at eye level. Keyboard drawer/tray- to keep your arms at an appropriate height when working on it and so keeps you from resting your arms on tough edges. They are not aesthetically pleasing but they are worth your while. Trust.

Make sure your breaks involve movement

Remember to take frequent breaks away from your work station. Try every hour and make the most of this short break. Incorporate small walks inside the office or outside if your boss is cool with it but if you are your own boss, tell your inner self to get off the chair and go outside for a minute or two. Take it a step further and squeeze in a mini workout session. Try doing squats, planks, crunches and hand weights. Emily Kandanga, our fitness contributor can vouch for this.

Make it inspiring

Keep your work-space inspiring in any way you can. Add a vase of fresh flowers or cool wall art. Colorful pens, notepads, stickers can also add a little personality to your work-space. Music helps too, so try arranging some of your favorite jams and do the most.

With all this said we hope we have inspired you to think about your vamping up your space, healthily.

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