FRIYAY ! The first word that comes to mind as I browse through filters to go with the picture I’m about to upload on Snapchat and see my Bitmoji celebrating reaching the Weeks finish line . Mama I made it ! It has been a good week after all, I mean I’m still alive aren’t I ? That’s a good enough reason to be happy .

Regardless of this heat , I’m ready to take on the weekend like a rockstar , I have my Nirvana T-shirt on , R.I.P. Kurt Cobain, my jordan 1s with my black

skinny jean neatly tucked in. The GSTAR-RAW denim jacket to complete the fit that has me feeling jiggy as Asap Rocky would say.  I swear you’d think I have plans for Saturday with the way I’m glowing because I’m in such a good mood. But with the way engineering life has taken away a part of my social life due to long study hours and work after work , all I want to do is have an early night.

This probably won’t happen. Any creative and blogger would know that not attending to the ideas that keep popping up in your brain results in insomnia , tossing and turning. So to be totally honest I’m looking forward to a fruitful night editing my next blog post and also finishing up a photography concept I’ve been working on recently. Life’s so much better when you live outside the box ! Never forget that. Till we meet again , stay dressed up and stay drippy.

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