The beautiful and talented Chikune released an album last year titled “HER”, we caught up with the star to find out what she’s working on this year and what we can expect.

What are you working on right now?

I Just released my album so I am currently promoting the album and working on visuals to accompany the project.  I am also gearing towards live performances this year so as to give my fans a live experience. Additionally I am working on taking my brand  outside of Namibia as shown by the Swahili lyrics I have incorporated on HER. The reason being is the Chikune brand has come of age and will become one of the ambassadors of Namibian music and hopefully help shine the spotlight on the incredible talent and potential in Namibias musical landscape.

How has “HER” been received?

My new album has been received very well. I have an amazing and enthusiastic fanbase. I have also been getting positive feedback from as far as Kenya. Swahili is such a beautiful language and being able to communicate to another African market through my music is definitely paying off!

You didn’t do much collaborating on your album, if you were to collaborate with other artists, who would it be?

The reason Nyashinski is the only featured artist on HER is my team  felt the sound had to be as authentic as possible and whomever ever we featured should bring in that authentic African flavour and Nyashinski fit the bill perfectly.  Nyashinski is an amazing artist and the chemistry we had on Too Much Sauce was incredible. There was no doubt that it would make it onto the final tracklist and that it would be a hit. My team and I are very specific about who we feature but in the future we would possibly love to work with Gazza and Lioness (from Namibia), Tiwa Savage, Vanessa Mdee (internationally) and who knows, that may happen sooner than you think. Lol

Your birthday is a day before Valentine’s Day, do you get spoiled twice?

 Lol I do not kiss and tell, but let’s just say that February is my favorite time of the year!!

What can we look forward to this year?

Right now the focus of my team is to promote HER, so there will be a lot of live performances in Namibia and in East Africa later on in the year. The team is working none stop to establish the brand on the continent which may see me having to travel quite a bit. That may be challenging considering my other commitments but I am not complaining, it’s the life we chose right?
More immediately, you can look out for visuals for “Pieces” track number 2 on my album,  my production team is just finalizing the post production component.
There is more in the works but for now follow my social media and be the first to find out all things Chikune as soon as they happen.

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