Generally, artists don’t like to talk about money. Perhaps it is because they don’t always make very much of it or because they risk being dismissed as sellouts if they do.

Our  Mono Team took time out to discover what it is really like being an independent artist, a journey of self discovery and how you can capitalize on it.

Having started drawing at a very young age, Ndakondjelwa, was always mesmerized  by his late uncle’s drawings and for some reason never found the urge to down his drawing pencil ever since.  Drawing for his family and very close friends upon request was how he knew that he may have sparked a hobby that may be well on it’s way to greatness.

Social media platforms such a Facebook, really played a major role in Ndakondjelwa’s journey as a selling artist. He would take on more orders as he added more images of his work on hi personal profile. Not knowing much about pricing his work and how much it should actually be worth, he needed time and a deeper understanding of being a true artist.

In 2017, Ndakondjelwa, made one of his biggest career decisions, to become a full time artist.  A decision he does not regret to date.  With his worked evolved and a beautiful responds from the public, Ndakondjelwa, recognizes his talent a true gift.

When answering if being an artist is a cheap or an expensive  lifestyle. Ndakondjelwa gladly answers saying

I consider it to be a cheap “job”  because the material I use for the various types of art i create aren’t as costly.

he further explains that some of the materials he has used he has received  for free.

Time is the most expensive part in being an artist. The amount of time and effort that goes into an actual art piece is the most valuable explains Ndakondjekwa. Sometimes it take about three weeks to complete one art piece and this is something he makes sure all his clients understand.

Ndakondjelwa, prices his work according to the time it takes to complete and art piece including how simple or complicated the request from a client may be. He breaks down his work into hourly rates and this to him is manageable and easier fro his clients to understand his pricing system.

Ndakondjelwa, currently sells his art pieces by advertising his work on SOCZA media in order to reach a wider audience, a well as on an  online platform called He also encourages excising the  door-to-door approach to corporate companies and advertising your artwork to see if they may be interested in purchasing one or two art pieces.

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