Being a mother is considered one of the most rewarding full-time jobs one can ever “sign up” for.  For others, it happens completely planned and anticipated, for others it happens unexpectedly and for others, life hands them the job. Regardless of how you come to experience it, one thing for sure is that it’s a blessing to be part of the journey of raising and shaping another person’s life. But make no mistake; it is also one of the most taxing jobs. Every woman is genetically designed to conceive and give birth but not every woman can be a mother. So one must never underestimate the sacrifice anyone makes when they embark on this journey.

As the African proverb goes “It takes a village to raise a child“. Many of us have been raised and shaped by strong inspiring women who are not our biological mothers but definitely part of our “village”.  Through their guidance and support, financially, emotionally or otherwise, we are who we are today. Therefore, Mother’s Day is always a great time to show your appreciation to your Mother, Stepmother, Aunty, Grandmother, sister/cousin or the woman in the “village” for the role they played in your life.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of celebrating Mother’s Day:

  • DO acknowledge and celebrate the women in your life.
  • DON’T use this day to bring up all the bad things that they may have done to you along the way. If you’re still harbouring anger rather don’t include them in the celebration. But this is a good time to forgive and cross the bridge.
  • DO include your siblings, cousins or others that are likely celebrate the day with the woman in your life. It is not the time to show off who can give the best gift or who cares more.
  • DO spoil them. You may show them how much you love them on daily basis but please take this opportunity to go the extra mile. Spend time with them, get them flowers, host or take them out for brunch or lunch, a spa day or any meaningful gift (remember meaning is defined by you, so no two families may find meaning in the same gift). This month we saw mixed emotions on twitter as one of the known supermarket chains advertised cleaning products as gifts that can “WOW mom on Mother’s Day”. Click here to read more.


To my mom, I am today because of you. I am forever grateful! To my daughter, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience motherhood!! To the women in my “village”, you’re all part of my journey and I thank you for your contribution.


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that has been blessed enough to positively change the life of another.

  • Njekwa Mwamba


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