Every time someone meets me for the first time (without having known me off social media already), they are always almost shocked that I am not as fashionable as they imagined the “editor” of Monochrome Magazine would be. Someone once actually said “I thought you’d be like a Leah Misika.” 

It use to bother me at first, but now I sort of expect it from every new person I meet. Am I fashionable enough for an editor of a fashion and lifestyle magazine? Probably not. But is there a template of how a magazine editor should look like? Let me know, because I’m looking for it.

But first things first; I’m not an editor. I’m merely the creator and editorial director of a magazine I thought was urgently needed in the industry. I loved fashion so much I took it up as a minor at varsity, did it for 3 years and learned I hated the process of making clothes. I also learned that there are other avenues one could explore in the fashion industry, which made me happy.

I love fashion, I love the culture around it. I love the creative process from start to finish (except for the patterns and sewing part). I love that it’s more than just creating clothing. My favorite thing to do is study and document fashion not as much ‘take part in it”. I may not be very fashionable because I play it safe always, but I am fashion conscious.

I’m a minimal dresser, whose wardrobe is made up by only one  colour pallete, neutrals. I love my ripped jeans and T-shirts, like I never left art school.

“I’m a simple kinda gyal” and I’m okay with that. So when YOU meet me, don’t act too surprised. 🙂

How fashionable are you? I asked our new talented interns if they were fashionable and here’s what they had to say:

Rauna Magongo

My sense of style depends on what occasion I am dressed for and the weather. Most especially
during winter I prefer my denim, boots and my leather jacket, I feel it’s sexy and most comfortable.
Something that I mostly look for when dressing is how comfortable and confident I feel that’s why I
top off my looks with a bit of accessories just to compliment my look. I love bags, I feel a bag adds
more glam to whatever you are wearing so it’s something that I never forget to finish off my look
with. I also sometimes express my mood with what I put on, when am happy I like to rock bright
colours like yellow, blue and pink and when am sad I prefer black.



Shallot Mohutege

I like to look good but following fashion trends is something I don’t do. I know how to look good without
wearing only what’s hot right now or what’;s the latest trend. I am a beacon for fashion and the fact that
my friends come to me for style advice shows they trust my fashionable opinions. I love the fact that I
can rock what I want whenever I want to and still manage to not make myself look like a fashion disaster. LOL. On a scale of 1 to 10 I think I am a solid 6.5 to 7 at least.

Rena Stephanus

Can one consider someone who lives for ripped jeans and t-shirts fashionable; we are all fashionable in our own rights. If I am to rate how fashionable I am I would score a 40%. Simply because I wear what makes me feel comfortable, I am not one to break my back or wallet  J , because of fashion trends. I have my own style, so I always try to incorporate the latest fashion trends to my style which is basically a classic vintage look.

How fashionable are you? Leave your comment below.

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