Growing a beard and taking good care of it can sound really easy. But just like maintaining the hair on top of your heard, it requires a lot of attention and a little more than just combing it every other day and hoping it grows how you envision it to.

So here are a couple of ways you can care for your beard and make sure it smells and looks good all the time.

– Shallot Mohutege


Wash it

Yes, washing your beard is obviously a must-do, no questions asked. Make sure you wash your beard with shampoo, preferably one with a smell you like, because your beard is close to your nose and you wouldn’t want it to have a smell you can’t stand. Fortunately for you, there are great beard-specific shampoos out there that use special botanicals to help soften the hair and prevent a dried out beard.

Condition it

On wash day, you not only wash your hair but you condition it right? Well same thing goes for your beard. A good conditioner will moisturize your beard and keep it soft and moist to avoid it being unbearably dry and itchy and result in you wanting to cut it off. Apart from keeping it moisturized and healthy, a beard conditioner also has the added benefits of acting like a styling gel, thus you can keep your beard tame and in the process, make you look like you know exactly what you’re doing.

Oil it

While beard conditioner will soften it, beard oil will soften it even further, and also get rid of that beard dandruff. No lady will want to see a guy with a dust of skin flakes down the front of his shirt. That will definitely send any lady packing in no time. A good beard oil also makes your beard smell amazing.

Brush it

Keep your beard from getting tangled and unruly by brushing it with a beard brush. It’ll also help spread the beard oil you’re using, thus keeping your beard as healthy as it can be.

Trim it

Lastly, be sure to occasionally trim your beard. As it grows out, you’re going to want to give it a little bit of shape, this is best done with a quality beard trimmer, one with a selection of attachments that you can use to prevent you from completely cutting out a huge chunk from your beard by accident. Just be sure not to trim it while it’s still wet, as wet hair is longer and you might trim it shorter then you intended to.

You have no excuse now! Glow. 

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