We look into the work of Carlton Claassen. A  passionate, sensitive, loving and extrovert Namibian photographer.

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Growing up

Carlton was the clown of his class, the mischievous handsome little fella, who would always end up in the principals office. Albeit his countless visits to the principals office, he was very hardworking. He lived by 3 commandments that made him who is today;

be a man of my word; never lie; and always finish what I start.

Why Photography

Carlton picked up his first camera when he was about 7 years old. It started off as a hobby, something he really enjoyed doing, and now he’s been doing this professionally for about 3 years now.

His inspiration comes from the idea of doing his own thing.

nothing would have been possible if it wasn’t for my dad who literally invested in me, the camera and all the other equipment that comes along with it. I’ll be lying if I said the income had nothing to do with motivation, after receiving the payment from my first tender/gig, the rest was history.

When asked if a creative such as himself can live off a hobby and/or passion. Carlton strongly agreed and pointed out that he is an actual living proof. This is all he does, videography and editing is his full-time job, he says.

What does it take, if you ask me? dedication, consistency, discipline, that fire within, that drive…the secret ingredient is passion, the rest should follow.

Carlton on his work thus far

The last year has been a bit hectic one he points out. He has received numerous opportunities such as doing some work for Air Namibia, Volvo , Ees {Nam-Flava}, IVECO , the Namibian Press, Jaguar. He was also part of the “Khaima” music video by KK being the pilot for the aerial shots now showcasing on Trace Africa.

Future Plans…

Carlton Claassen plans to one day own a marketing and/or advertising company that would  one day blossom into Film School.

I mean why not spread the passion.

For Bookings

📞:(+264)815664021 📬:cavinclaassen@icloud.com

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