End-of Year function season is upon us! A season almost as popular as the “Wambo wedding season” where you constantly find yourself as someone’s plus one every Friday. The only difference is that you may get to see a concentration of corporate executives you read about in the press showcase some moves on the dance floor. Let’s admit it, Office parties can be a potential minefield. You don’t know whether you can be your usual “Monaco slay queen” or you have to continue being the “Miss Professional” you portray Monday to Friday. Even worse, the company specifically states on the invitation that it’s time to “let your hair down”. You get there and all the signs of a lit party are present; everyone dressed up, open bar, hired DJ playing all the hit songs of the season, catered food with waiters and all. How can one not take up the offer by the company to “let lose”? It’s potentially insubordination if you don’t, right?


Don’t let the end of year function be the beginning of the end of your career. Tarnished reputations, missed promotions and even dismissals are some of the results of people showing a different side of themselves at the office party. So how does one navigate these treacherous waters? There’s really a thin line between letting loose from the Monday to Friday office routine and getting completely besides yourself.

Even though office parties are social events organised with the intention of mainly rewarding employees and raising morale, remember that they remain strictly business events. Therefore, view this event as an opportunity to connect with your colleagues and not a chance to showcase your inability to restrain yourself socially. So Let’s see how you can save yourself from not only being the next water cooler gossip topic but also ensure that you still have a job with promotion potential the Monday after the office party.

  1. Do attend the party and don’t forget to RSVP
  2. Unless the invitation specifically states that you can bring guests, don’t show up with an uninvited guests.
  3. Arrive and leave on time.
  4. Technically, you’re still at work so dress appropriately.
  5. Eat, drink and party in moderation, you still have to face your colleagues on Monday.
  6. Just because there’s a dance floor and disco lights, doesn’t mean you should start to showcase some sleazy dance moves. Dance appropriately.
  7. Don’t take and post pictures of your colleague without their permission.
  8. Mingle and get to know your colleagues a bit better. If they came with the partners, try and make the partners comfortable too.
  9. It’s a work party but please do not talk about work.
  • Lastly, avoid office gossip at all costs.

-Njekwa Mwamba 


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